In Glory We Return

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Did ya check out Terri to see if she was good? I'll post soon while I'm in New Folsom still.
Just remember that you have to give them a "pardon".
Sounds good, I was thinking a little lower though, something more along the lines of the camo suit that Old Snake had in MGS 4.

Throwing my ex. C.O. an (almost) mocking salute, I turn on my heel and head back to my bunk;
...time to pack... I wonder what hellhole I'm going to get stuck in next?...
I pocket the letter after reading it. Wells? Haven't heard that name in years. Then again, I didn't have a lot of outside contact here.

The Behemeth looked at me as I put on my equipment. The gauntlet issued to medics was invaluable, the model used for light infantry. Even though my suit was just thin metal plating, it still provided me life support systems and protection from the elements. It still didn't mean protection from flying bullets.

I strapped on my bag and looked at my mechanical companion.

"Let's go."

The Behemoth picked up its heavy shield, then followed me to our destination.
I read the later and salute my C.O.

"It's an honor to serve under you sir."

The C.O nods and waves his hand at the door.

"You should get going Chen. The transport won't wait for you forever. Good luck where ever you have been reassigned."

I leave the room and board the transport.
I read the letter, and say goodbye and give thanks to my commander. I then walk out and go to the hangar, where I see the mentioned transport. I step into it, wondering where I'm going and what I'm going to do once I get there.

"Hello, general." I say, without even a hint of nervousness in my voice. "Lt.Colonel Markabee reporting."
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"Hello, general." I say, without even a hint of nervousness in my voice. "Lt.Colonel Markabee reporting."

The pilot looks at you funny.

You realize that General Wells is not in the transport. Apparently he will be be at wherever you are about to be. The pilot decides to break the silence.
"I'm flattered you think so much of me sir. Better strap in though. *click* Tower, this is Oldy7 requesting clearance for take off.*click*"
"Oldy7 you are cleared for take off."
I read over the letter and chuckle. Giving my CO one last salute before I walk out, I go retrieve my gear. Armoring up, I holster my pistol and place the gunblade on my back and head out. The gunblade was still odd to carry around, even after all these years. But, it served it's purpose, saving me time pulling out a knife and just going straight to swinging the blade and thrusting. I climb on the transport, nodding to the pilot and taking my seat.
"Well, okay then."
So, how should I do my New Folsom Pardon leaving?
No idea.
Ok, my fault for not being crystal clear.

Write your way onto the transport. It will take you to an undisclosed location where you will be briefed by Wells.
Two prisoners were walking side by side, both of the same height and the same blood. Shackles restraining movement of their arms and their full use of their legs. The simple prison outfit covered their bodies, they had no idea why they were taking them.

The other prisoners despised the two, they hated them with their guts. To show such hate they threw rocks and spat on the two as they walked by, walking towards the open Drop Ship at the landing pad... The guards wanted to take them right through the prisoners as a lovely detour before they left, so they wouldn't forget about them.

Finally reaching their ride to their new imprisonment, covered in spit and grit, soot and dry blood. The guards made sure to do one thing before they left, they bound both of the twins hands together, and placed an iron collar around both of their necks, with a chain connected with the two so they couldn't separate. It behaved like a choker.

With one final stretch, the New Folsom guard push the two into the Drop Ship, the chain choking them when they tumbled to the floor of the ship.
Hmmph. Never heard of him before. Better tell the others to pack up.

I nod towards the C.O and leave the room, then head back to the barracks to pick the others up. I spot them working out together in the rec room.

"Rick, Jason, Mac! Get over here!"

The three jog over and salute me. Rick, one of the riflemen, speak first. "What is it sir?"

"Some Brigadier has had us transferred to him. We pack our things, get to a transport in the hanger, and find the Brigadier, then he'll brief us. Sound good?"

"Yes, sir." They say in unison. Rick Jones a rifleman, Jason a rifleman, and 'Big' Macintosh the Heavy Weapons Specialist, all follow me to the armory as we grab our things, then head to the designated dropship. We take a seat by each other, strap in, and wait for takeoff.
Being short here...

Your pilot is unusually brief with you, barely acknowledging your presence.
The take off is by the book in all cases.

The landing is just as by the book, and all but one of the transports drops you off outside a bunker.

The Porters are instead moved to the barracks for suit binding and organ insurance.

The conference room is a rectangle, and Wells is sitting at the head of the table. His combat armor wines slightly as he moves to look at you as you enter.
"Please have a seat."
I take a seat close to the door, and sit attentively, but not before saluting Wells.
Back in a bit, depending on what I decide to do with the next few hours.
I salute the General and then do as he says. "Nice to meet you sir. Heard a lot of stories."
Each of us give a salute as we walk inside and take a seat at the middle left of the table, me being closest to Wells, with Macintosh second, and Rick and Jason being third and last respectivly.
It was easy to refit the to of them, since the fact remained that they took possession of their equipment when they were incarcerated and were kind enough to reequip them with it.

[Some time later because I'm to lazy to type up the re-suiting phase]

They both stepped out, their armor still looking the same as the day they were arrested for good... But it looks like they weren't given a pardon, just another prison where it truly was life or death.

The restraints still held their hands just as a safety precaution, so they would still be looking like the prisoners they still were, so off came the armed military escort that would escort the two to the meeting, with their weapons pointed of course.
Irene looks at it curiously. "Wells? Who's he?" She asks herself. She starts to gather her equipment and heads out to get to the transport.

Jaden nods his head and grabs himself his weaponry and suits up into his CMC armor. When he is finished he follows behind Irene.

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