In exchange for the infestor nerf,

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Fungal is broken it should be a dot and not a root imo and buff its damage a little but if they are not willing to consider that then nerf its damage and nerf storms damage and nerf emp that way all casters take a hit for all races. Infestors fill to many roles in the zerg army to well they need to be fixed.
Kid, if you're going to blame Protoss for the Infestor nerf, please head over to the General Discussion Forums. The Protoss forums is designated for strategic discussions as Protoss.
I love the rage zerg have from that brief balance changes of fungal not affecting psionic units. Are Terran really massing Ghost's and Protoss massing HT if Zerg is going mass Infestors to counter and win?
11/29/2012 04:18 PMPosted by Rathelm
FF is fairly broken, but I don't think its fixable with the current game.
That's opinion. Not fact.

11/29/2012 04:18 PMPosted by Rathelm
You talk about ling/bane, but that is completely shut down by proper FFs. Mutas lose to mass stalker
You clearly have never seen a skilled player use this comp. Forcefields only work to an extent. If Protoss wants to keep up with that comp using sentries, he will run out of gas. Literally. If Protoss techs to Colossi or Storm/Archon, he still will take heavy economic damage from banes being used correctly. Also, in a direct fight, Zerg can slowly transition from Mutas to add in a FEW infestors (not the usual 20+), and decimate a Protoss Blink Stalker/Archon/HT + some sentry force. Fungal + Muta dps against stalkers = very dead stalkers. Archons can be locked down for long enough to cause the stalkers to dies - a VERY expensive loss for Protoss because losing a core army of stalkers is a LOT of gas that wasn't Archons or Colossi and the stalkers did no real damage to Zerg.

The advantage of this comp over Roach/Infestor/ling is much higher mobility and better map control. The disadvantage is that is a little expensive, and can be slowed down significantly if Zerg loses too many Hatcheries.
ff would be useless against every zerg unit, terrans bio and essentially every mech unit outside of helions. since seige tanks don't really care they'll just seige up and start attacking and thors are massive so they break through force fields anyways.

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