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Is there anything I can do to improve my fps on my laptop like buy a new processor or video card. When I am in a huge battle in sc2, I lag.. and everything is on low settings.

Gateway NV55S05u -

Processor: AMD Quad-Core Processor A8-3500m
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6620g
Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB
The best solution I have, other than playing at all minimum at 1024x768 (which i'm sure you already do) is to run Unit Preloader every time you launch StarCraft II. It can be found in the arcade section and it simply takes you to a map with every unit and structure and performs every action with each model and then destroys it, which loads every animation in the game all at once.

The performance boost is quite noticable for me, it took my old 10-20 fps laptop to 30-40 fps.

Good luck!
You could upgrade the processor but it is generally not recommended since the cooling system would probably not be able to keep up.
He has a laptop though

Not a whole lot you can do for it, huge battles will cause lag on such lower-end laptop.
Don't know a lot about this because people don't do it that much but laptops processors can actually be removed and replaced. Some are soldered in(like all the apple notebooks) but most pcs have a screw mechanism you turn and the cpu pops out.

Its mostly done for replacing bad cpus(which is rare) but you can still upgrade it. But its not recommended because not only do you have to match the socket but the power and chipset also which can be confusing. Also, its hard to manage the increased heat output.
You could get a ssd hard drive that will speed loading of files by a ton. The other thing is messing with the variabletxt files. Look them up there's threads all over about how to mod them super easy.

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