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This is the second discussion thread. The first one can be found here:

Introduction to Separatist Space...

Separatist Space is an incredibly open RP that allows for subplots of all sorts. You are encouraged to submit every custom race and to have as many subplots as you want. But please, make sure I approve of the subplots, I do not want subplots taking control of the real plot!

To submit a custom Race or Faction...

Tell me everything there is to know about the custom race/faction. I will discuss it a little bit with you, then boom! The race or faction dives into the story and you're ready to go!

IMPORTANT NOTE ON CUSTOM RACES You have opportunity to have a counsel member, or an ambassador, in the supreme counsel whichever you choose.

The supreme counsel is a government used to keep the peace between all the races. (If you've ever played mass effect you will know what this is... kinda) Please ask if you have any questions, as this is extremely important.

To Join this RP...

Fill out a character sheet and, make an entry, or if you prefer, allow me to enter you!

<Your ID name>
Race: (Don't be afraid to be someone else's race!)
Profession:(Some some ideas could be: Pilot, Computer Specialist, Droid Specialist, Mechanic, farmer.)
Backstory: (Must include how the character got associated with Separatist Space)
Defining Characteristics: (Optional)

If this character is a captain, make it obvious, also put the ship's name and stuff.

Separatist Space, the story so far...

The RP takes place in "Separatist" space. Which is past protoss space. Some Terrans were exploring past protoss space (which is illegal might I add) and found even more intelligent lifeforms then they could imagine(all those custom races and such). With some funding from many governments and organizations, hundreds of thousands of colonists were being exported out from terran space and into distant space.

The colonists got tired of being bossed around by all of their shareholders and pretty much announced themselves separate from the Terrans in Terran space. Hence, the lands they colonized became, "Separatist" space and the colonists became "Separatists" because they supported the separation of separatist space and Terran space.

Many more events caused the separatist movement, but to sum it up in a few paragraphs, there ya go.

Separatist Space, Backstory

Entire colonies have been going missing, frigates carrying valuable cargo, gone. Terrans are still new to Separatist space and the Separatist Military is doing little to stop investigate.


This RP is extremely open, if you want to not engage in the main plot, that is totally fine, I would not recomend it but I will still allow it. Also keep in mind that at first you will have to pursue the main story, you will not start according to the main story. You will start out however you wish, wherever you wish.


this thread is also used for the Discussion of the RP.
I've decided not to post all the custom races and char. Sheets and !#@$ in this thread. It gets too cluttery on the first page! You can find it in the other discussion threat though.

The King of Pirates (In depth Separatist Space backstory, you will be at an advantage if you read.)

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You may now post
Lol... that was funny but let me clarify...

You may now post AFTER the other thread is filled.

Also, regarding my post, that will NOT happen. The process of editing the video won't be completed in time.
What will not happen? What video? I still need a leader figure.
Am I accepted?
yes, yes. Sorry.
Phase two of plot... Begins.
leader is High Queen, named Istiar Vaeh'Tal. She can't move cause she has no legs, which is why she uses 'The Girl'/Allysa/other to go with her troops.
Hey I know a lot of you guys are probably blood thirsty for some action. Just wanted to say... Action... is coming... :)

Jester... Issue order 66... Bwahahahaha!
Blood thirsty? Where have you been? I already ripped a persons throat out.
Ya'll gotta wait till I get back from school (3:10 Central, roughly)
So CR... does Aurora now represent the Lacerta and Candor instead of Aer?

I sense an opportunity to acquire a new vassal world.
hmm i'm thinking of making art for my chars soon what do you think KO?
Sure. I'm a terrible artist though, so I will NOT be following suit.
*Le Gasp*
Is there turrets on the station that I can use to shoot at people?

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