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"Mecha, it is simple, your race will not work out, not unless you changed it to a race of large cats. That is the only logical way I can see out of this."
Well they know of their size disadvantage (its the reason they lost the revolt) Sotheby's rely on machinery and stealth.Also their size can be off advantage as they can fit more crew per ship and use up less resources wen it comes to building colonies and stuff.Also they have had over a couple hundred years of absolute peace while the humans have been killin each other from day one. They have also had time to study all of the races (mostly people) and so are ready and they have the advantage of surprise.You have to realize they are civilized and have tech.

Hey Bilno was tiny yet he wooped !@# without power armour same as frodo
Frodo had mithril armor, as did Bilbo and they had that sword...who's name escapes me right that an invalid argument there, but, if you're willing to read what I have, it might help our case.
Stinger or just Sting maybe?
"They both had mithiril chain armor and both relied on trickery, and one had major back-up. And Mecha, you would be unable to have studied the Ral'zar, for they were unknown to all, not even the Xel'naga knew more than they existed. And it is impossible that they are the most high tech and civilized. Cats are not civilized. They step on your keyboards."
I think it's Sting...yeah, it's Sting.
Well I just said the cats had power armour, guns, tanks, and ships.....

Jesus you guys are idiots they have the average intelligence level of humans due to gentic mutations that happened on the Supercarrier
.......... Mecha L2UseGoodEnglish
It's called I'm using an ipod Lost
Let me finish my self edit on what I typed up, Mecha and I'll post it. Expect either an Edit or a new post entirely.
you can still use good English on an ipod or other internet accessable mobile device ..........
I'm pretty sure that Humans would be more high tech then pussycats... Just think about it... They have to 'adapt', that cats that is... In order to use tools, in order to actually use their intelligence, and to even be civilized. And how can they be in peace? They can still be in heat, they will still mark territory, and they will always get themselves killed because of curiosity.

And they lick their crotch...
Ok and just a reminder they do not have the most advanced tech it is slightly over Terran tech

When !@#$ sapius first evolved they were not some advanced species.They were just like smarter wild animals that could use tools like chimps do
When the super carriers left for the Koprulu Sector, one was filled with animal lovers, namely the feline kind. They had lions, tigers, panthers, cheetahs, even house cats. However, when the carriers arrived, they crashed and the one with the felines fared no better. Having survived the crash of a super carrier when their owners did not, they began to learn from the audio and video logs left behind. Soon, the began to try and walk on two legs. By the time of the First Great War, they'd evolved to be human like in stature and hand usage, and learned, from reverse engineering crashed battle cruisers and such, how to create their own weapons and armor, emerging to shot themselves a force to be reckoned with. Their fleet is formidable, army determined and all armed to the teeth. The larger breeds proved to be the most effiecient frontline infantry, specialists, leaders, elite guards and other important roles. The smaller breeds, namely the house cats, grew to be the size of young adult tigers, and proved adept as engineers, medics, pilots, scouts, light infantry and other less exposed, but still important roles. Don't underestimate the Lion's Fury Imperium.

This makes sense. They won't gain advanced tech out of the blue, they'd reverse engineer it. Read it and weep gentlemen.
12/17/2012 07:47 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
When !@#$ sapius first evolved they were not some advanced species.They were just like smarter wild animals that could use tools like chimps do
I don't believe in evolution... I believe in adaptation.

Zarkun, thank you for making that make so much more sense then the highly feminine Kitteh Empire. But I also have to agree with SF... The cats can't just immediately know about all the races. Alki, seclusion. Lacerta and Candor... In a Sphere. Aquila, highly secretive with only a few people knowing.
In some 100-200 years, the cats were able to evolve to that extent? Bit of stretch.

I shouldn't be here right? I'll be leaving out the window.
not really smylez but idrc
I also agree that watching all the other races is impossible. No one knew the Lorians existed until they attempted to make friends with the Confederacy shortly before the First Great War. Then the Inextinctus Eques were unknown of period due to deactivation.
We're about to where you show up in This is There Story.
the Mozan ....... far side of Protoss space
Elerians ...... 10 or so galaxies away .......

@War I have been watching

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