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"Not real application coming your way."

Race Name: The Mures Humanoids

The race all started with experiments. The Confederates decided to start work on exotic animals that were small, but had the same type of brain chemistry with humans, in hopes of finding a way to increase the strength and intelligence of humans. They started with several litters of white mice. They implanted these mice with a drug that they made to increase size, and strength. They saw the mice growing to the size of a bobcat before they stopped growing. They implanted the next litter, which had the previous genes with more. They grew to the size of a tiger. The scientists were pleased. Next they implanted the mice with genes that they thought would increase intelligence. This worked too well. The mice already had small claws, but these increased in size as well. When the scientists next came they killed them, and escaped. The mice were quite intelligent, and soon the mice figured out how to work the Science Vessel they were on. They took it to an uninhabited planet and grew and grew. They grew bipedal and gained opposable thumbs from the need to adapt them. Soon they reverse engineered everything on the Science Vessel. Now they are as powerful as Terrans, and are something formidable, and are to be feared, except by reptile races and cat races, they still hold a fear of them.

"I was able to make a better race backstory out of white mice."
wtf, no. Guys, you can't just make bs races and expect me to accept them.
This is good comedy right here.
Mark, he was kidding, and I'm considering being serious. If I am, I'll make some adjustments, but they remain animalistic. But you asked for it with an open RP of this kind.

No, I don't want cats running around ships with thumbs!
Mark, look up the Man-Kizn Wars.
You aren't willing to be open minded, are you? You accepted wolves with thumbs, but not cats?
lol, felinist.

...or is it caninist?...

As long as the bio's well written and is at least somewhat logical, I don't see why not.
As I said before, you had this coming.

If you make it logical... I guess... I will accept it.
And the Imperium is logical. There's been plenty of time.
So what exactly are you making? a cat race?
Think more along the lines of big cat. House cat's won't see much use IF I do it.
...Alright... Whatever...

Oh, by the way. Im changing a few things in tKoP to make for better writing. So if Joey rescues Sam in a slightly different manner... You know why.
Like I said, IF I do it. Probably won't because I have three other races I need to finish work on.
OCC: Ok, I think the space battle has dragged on for longer than it needed.
Yes, but the ground battle has just begun >:)
12/17/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Zarkun
You accepted wolves with thumbs, but not cats?

*Eye twitch* ........ no thumbs in feral form ....... *eye twitch*

and ......... if markus will allow it i am thinking of bringing the rest of the Elerian fleet to Sep space and thus opening them up for other's to use as available race in this ....... if i do .... gona wait till AFTER the council meeting where Kit finally shows her true form and the Elder council meets the Sep council .......... which will be after execrate .......
Will post final draft on Friday.
After the battle for Execrate is over, i'm pretty sure I am going to close down this RP. It did not work how I had hoped. 8 threads exploded and left me with... Not good. I have learned from my mistakes and plan on putting much more thought into my next RP.

Listen, you're not hurting my feelings, I want you to give me all your criticism for not only my RP's, but myself. I am constantly trying to improve my RPing abilities and my personality. I know there are a few of you that would like to punch my head of for reasons I honestly don't know. Please, please, give me all the criticism you have, right now. Thank you.

Points on RP:

- I based the RP on a story I had already written, making flexability impossible.
- I didn't balance politics with action well enough, when it was action, people were bored, when it was politics, people were bored.
- I wasn't flexible enough. When people tried to introduce their ideas, it became near impossible to fit them into the story.
- (This one's debatable) It wasn't based off Starcraft Lore, creating lore conflicts too great to bare.
- Too many custom races. Too many immovable objects meeting unstoppable forces.

Points on Self-criticism:

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