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Thanks war. That seems like the most logical option anyways. But it might be easier to just start over.
Now that's just a waste of time... we already know what happens so far... let's just move past this and keep going.
No, no. I don't mean start over the RP. I mean start a new RP. With the same characters and stuff just set at a different time. Like after Luis is identified as the threat and the galaxy is already at war.

...Hey... that's a really good idea actually. It would effectively skip the politics, it would make for great RPing... It would leave plenty of space for tKoP to expand...

Or I could just fast forward a month like you were originally saying... BWAHAHA You're a freakin' genius.
Sorry, but what is tKoP?!?

Yes, yes I am...
....But then, it would be boring for some people. Like, I wouldn't have much to do with a war. Plus, I'm trying to start a minor sub-plot for myself, and that would kill it.
Well, I think that a time jump could wait for things settle down somewhat...
The King of Pirates. The story that goes along with the RP?

Dac, I thought about that too. not sure how to go about that.

War, Definitely. It would have to wait for things to settle down. No doubt about that.
Derp. I fail....
Lol, nah. I do that all the time.
Name: Joey Carta
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Armament: Verax Assault rifle, "Bessie" .30-06 lever action rifle, Cerberus Laser, Bowie knife, Colt .45 Peacekeeper 8 shot revolver
Armor: Fefnir MK II shielded combat armor. Using a shield generator, the Fefnir MK II can take a number of hits before letting the wearer get hit. Color is blod red with a pair of white crossed swords on a blue flame for an emblem, resting on his left shoulder.
Appearance: Six foot five, brown eyes, silver hair, close cropped hair, thin, muscular build
Backstory: Joey worked as a mercenary before hearing about a project, and when he wasn't on contract, he enjoyed hunting. Because of this, he's become both adept and lethal with rifles, pistols and knives. After the project's disbandment, he went back to mercenary work, eventually working for the company known as Pegasus Corporations, and became a part of their Project Cerberus, becoming one of the first of a second generation of Zeus soldiers, genetically engineered super soldiers that soon were all killed or went back to mercenary work, Joey having survived the assigned suicide mission and returning to merc work. Is just arriving at the Citadel.
Bessie? That's the name of my Dad's M4!

Accepted obviously ;) What made you join again?
I'm not really sure. I guess part of it would be leaving the tale between Joey and Sam untold.
That was bugging the crap outta me too xD

But I thought to myself, "Eh, I can't force Zarkun to do it so, im not going to beg."

Hey, you don't mind if Joey is in KoP right? I won't put any words in his mouth or anything, just felt weird adding him without your permission/thoughts whatever.
Oh, not at all. Just keep his armament in mind and if you need help, ask.
Awesome :)

I will be sure not to develop him more then you have already without your approval. I will tell you what segments he is in and you can smack me and say, "BAD MARKUS" if you'd like :)
Lol, I'll keep that in mind.
I can just see it already...

Markus: "Joey walks to-"



Markus: "Joey begins shooting people at random and runs around without any pants"

(Zarkun doesn't reply)

Markus: -_-

LOLOL JK JK *trollface.jpg*
...*SLAP!* Not how it plays out blast it. Lol
Im playing through Dead Space 2 and inspiration is coursing through my veins... Prepare for Sean Tropes and Possibly Markus Devroy's appearance... MUAHAHAHAHA!!
12/03/2012 10:24 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
playing through Dead Space 2


Permission to destroy something controlled by the Black Peace. I'm sitting here with a massive military developed over millenia of constant internal and external conflict DOING NOTHING.

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