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If it makes you feel better, you could always troll Jester XD
KO, permission granted! Just gimme a second to make it lore acceptable!
I was thinking a stealth attack, with the intent of capturing valuable information.

I would need you to DM the info I capture.
12/04/2012 09:02 AMPosted by Zarkun
If it makes you feel better, you could always troll Jester XD

@KO: Uhhm... Let me think... You will get to kick some BP !@# soon... I don't know if you can capture any information as of right now, but... let me work something out.
One question, KO. How is one of those massive ships be stealthy?


This actually is pretty close to what I'm imagining Samantha as in just regular combat armor:
12/04/2012 05:00 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
That is something that needs to be said... in the DISCUSSION THREAD

*glare* -_-'

the Mozan and possibly Kit could help with Alida not being able to use .... so called 'conventional' weaponry
Okay, good plan morph. How do we get them to meet?
So, when does Joey appear? In King of Pirates that is.
well Kit is meditating out side the council chamber and the Mozan .... just call Oron or Alpha i guess. i might make a char sheet for Alpha and give him an actual name but ..... not sure ......
@Zarkun: Probably within the next two segments. Writers block got me 500 words last night, my bad :(

@Morph: It is a good possibility but you need to think of a reasonable way for them to meet.
...... <.< >.< >.> -_-' ..... well ummm ...... STARCRAFT ....... sorry *smack* ouch *rubs cheek* ...... i have ...... nothing ..... your the DM ...... *facebrickwall* ..... i dunno im guessing alida and the COG are on their way to a training area under the tower but..... Kit wouldnt know about it unless i abused her telepathy and i dont feel like it ...... i guess i could send some Mozan wolves over to the citadel with Alpha ..... *facebrickwall* *falls unconscious*
I don't know either... Me being the DM doesn't mean I can work miracles. As a matter of fact I was a little humbled when that little shpiel broke out with Fawwer. I realized exactly how much control I didn't have.
:P well .... "K TO THE I TO THE A zomb!tches" ..... sorry ..... *facepalm* why .... there could be a few Mozan .... in the training room ..... up to you though ..... and i never said that there were not/could not be Mozan that i dont (for the most part) control in the Separatist military .....
I thought Mozan supposedly didn't exist?
..... Elerians not Mozan ..... and that is only because Kit has only told Torvus and indirectly Stefan ...... and they do exist they are just not in this galaxy at the moment *thinking about making the Elerian Fleet come through a worm hole ....... maybe carve out a new home in an uncolonized system* ....... the Mozan have a system just inside protoss space close to separatist controled space ........ AND both Oron and Bythorceos ARE Mozan ..... i just dont seem to control em much ....... hehehehehe ...... Bythorceos and a few Mozan Elites went to the separatist training facility to see what it is like ...... or something like that
Or a few Mozan elites went to train against fighting the Black Peace? We'll say there are training sessions for all races on how to combat Separatist Terrans!
ya sure ...... i still kinda think Bythor should be there also but whatever ..... also i have an update for Kits profile but ...... ehh give me a sec and ill post it :P
*wild wall of text appears. special attack Nyan Spam. Wall of Text used Character Sheet!*

RPer: TheLostMorph
Character Name: Kit Eller
Character Race: Elerian
Character Age: 10120 Erini standard years (~40480 Terran standard years, only seems to be about 20 years old by Terran standards)
Character Profession: Mercenary, Exile, Psionic warrior
Character Equipment:
>>>Modified Ghost Suit
>>>>Description: A silver Ghost suit, the fabric is Steel Silk with a special cloaking fabric woven in. Instead of blue or red, gold energy courses through the suits power conduits.
>>>Nano Reflex Replication
>>>>Description: Usually a small band of silver on her wrist. When activated by a round from a gun or a sword armor will appear and block the round. It can be used manually to create armor suits, weapons, or entire buildings. The NRR draws power and resources from a pocket universe that is housed inside the device itself.
>>>Proton Rifle
>>>>Description: a powerful rifle that fires concentrated bursts of Protons at a target. A nuclear fusion blast is possible when shooting something with this rifle but is VERY rare.
>>>Hos lIngwI’
>>>>Description: The Eller family blade. It has been passed down for longer than anyone in the family can remember. Hos lIngwI’ can enhance and channel the natural affinities of any Elerian who wields it. However only the sword chooses who will wield it unless Kit gives express permission to the person or her heir takes on wielding the blade.
Character Description:
>>Appearance: Snow white/silver hair and fur (NOT blonde), Elven ears, 5’10”, Digigrade stance, Fox tail, very slight fox mussel
>>Personality: serious when needed, somewhat melancholic, tends to prefer solitude, chaotic at times.
Character History: the youngest Elerian Admiral before she was exiled. She survived the destruction of Erini at the hands of a Xel’naga world ship. After this she exiled herself and took on the mission of finding the Xel’naga ship and returning what she could of it to her people. Before she left an elder gave Kit a gift to help her on her journey, the gift of everlasting life. From that point on Kit could not grow old or get sick, but the price of eternal life such as this was a loss of Life affinity use. Kit has spent the past 10000 Erini standard years (1 Erini standard year = ~ 4 standard Terran years) searching for the Xel’naga ship. This search has taken her across 10 galaxies and she has met innumerable races learning everything she can from them. One of the most notable in her opinion is from a strange race that could create illusions so real, anyone or race without their ability could not tell that they were not real. She learned this but uses it very rarely preferring to keep that ability secret. Eventually she reached the end of the trail but the ship had vanished. She spent another 100 Erini standard searching the Milky Way Galaxy for the ship and training with the various races she encountered. Recently she joined the Confederate ghost program and remained there until Mengsk overthrew the confederacy. Later Kit took on Mercenary work for various Terrans eventually being hired by Markus Devroy to be a Security chief for a mining outpost. A strange artifact was found which ended up mutating most of the inhabitants. With the help of the Lorians a small group of survivors were rescued. 6 months (Terran standard) later Kit had returned to some Mozan friends, then to the separatist council in her Mozan form. While at the council Kit met up with Torvus who helped her find the Xel’naga ship she had been tracking, download its database and mostly destroy it. Her ship the Anatoga collected the remains of the ship and returned to Elerian space using a wormhole.

EDIT: the description is for her ACTUAL form not mozan or human :P

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