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12/07/2012 04:11 PMPosted by morrjo
Feh. Curse my real life, taking away from things I'd rather do. After being mauled by a variety of things, I finally have enough free time to RP again. What the heck happened, in 4+ installments?!
You don't want to rely on me.... For I haven't been in a good mood for the past week. You have to ask someone else that.................................................................
He wasn't specifically asking you...

Anyways, Morrjo. You missed... Quite a bit. An agent of the Black Peace got captured during an attack on the Citadel. After her capture, Lt. Scout learned that the Black Peace's next target is a world called Execrate. The whole fleet of allies against the Black Peace are meeting there now to ambush the BP.

Although it is widely accepted among the councilors that the BP are behind this, it is still uncertain whether Captain Luis is leading them.
Oh, and I made a comeback with a character who will be getting an armor and character class rename here soon.
Um... Didn't understand that. What that translated to in my mind was, "I'm submitting another char. soon."


Here is my logical thought process.(In case you were wondering how I thought of such obsurdity)

12/07/2012 10:57 PMPosted by Zarkun

Zarkun is throwing an interjection, meaning he is just offering it as a side note.

12/07/2012 10:57 PMPosted by Zarkun
I made a comeback with a character

I am forced to assume at this point that it has to do with a character you previously had that will make an appearance in this RP.

12/07/2012 10:57 PMPosted by Zarkun
who will be getting an armor and character class rename

Detail that I just need to save in my brain for later time, not necessarily relevent now. Makes sense with the Interjection.

12/07/2012 10:57 PMPosted by Zarkun
here soon.

These two words seal the deal. You say, "here" Implying its in this RP and Soon, implying that it is coming in the near future, which would explain why I don't see a character sheet.


That is how I think of every single post :P
I mean Joey will be getting a new suit of armor and weapons soon. Both inspired by a game I've been playing.
Ooh, what game?
It's called Elsword. Good game, lots of cool ideas.
Hey fella's.

Separatist Space doesn't know it yet but they are about to get hit hard by war. A brutal war that could very well push the Separatists to extinction lest things go the way they have been going. This war is going to be a brutal, creating battle across many worlds.

I wanted to possibly give us an opportunity to make a character who is in the Black Peace. It may be a good idea, it might not. To be honest I am still going back and forth. What say you?
I don't know, I would think that would be a good idea, the only problem being that it would "humanize" the BP more than you might want to.
Let him Dacder.... I could make a very interesting twist...
.... ummm well me as BP ..... bad and i already dont use most of the char's i have in here and im already going to bring more ....... nope im not gona make a BP member.
Name: Cassidy Conner
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Terran (???)
Profession: Smooth Talker
Equipment: Switchblade
Backstory: He was needed for an important business trip down near Separatist Space and once he got there he did exactly that... He managed to buy off a nice pub to help further his game. He is making a killing at what he does, sweet talking the gals, persuading the guys... And at the end, he makes the cut.
Defining Characteristic: Rich brown wavy hair, lush green eyes, no facial hair at all, slender build with toned muscles, just under six foot.
ze mob is back :P
Name: Kyra Harmdas
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Terran (Wink, wink)
Profession: The Owner (You have to understand RPer lore in order to understand this one)
Equipment: Energy Revolver, Maya, Crescent Blade
Backstory: Owner of the Twisted Time, an arena type shindig that sold good food at a good price... As well as maybe some mystery meat to go with that potato an gratin. After meeting Torvus she found her way into Separatist Space, being stuck on the Citadel she is ever so just trying to get back home... For the navigation system was on the fritz and couldn't be repaired.
Defining Characteristics: To lazy right now... Will update this part later.
Ooh, the Owner. Interesting persona.
I know....real interesting because the only one that 'knows' her is Torvus.
Torvus is a coming back Mark!

Name: Torvus Jentus
Age: 24
Race: Terran
Armament: Long swords Glacies and Incendia, hidden blades ( For reference purposes.), throwing knives, Nanotech revolver (never requires a reload), and hidden arm cannon.
Backstory: Was working freelance as an assassin for a long time when one of his jobs crossed with Markus. Working together, they made short work of the target. Decided to stick with him after words. Left the Dishonored after a job gone south and vanished for six months. When he came back, he was captain of the Arthur-Class Cruiser Retribution and a brilliant military leader.
Defining Characteristics: Scar across his left eye and several along his arms.
Appearance: Wears a prototype Diablo-Class power armor that is body fitting and hides the arm cannon until activated. Only the eyes and nose are visible, nothing else. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes skinny, but muscular, build, sun-tanned skin.
Awesome! I love Torvus<3

I am quickly liking Joey more though...

Quick question, why is he coming back?

CR, you posted two Characters. Are those suppose to be people in the Black Peace, or just regular characters?

12/09/2012 08:29 AMPosted by Dacder
the only problem being that it would "humanize" the BP more than you might want to.

Very true, but I have considered that cost. After the war breaks out and is full blown, people will start to realize that they are human and it will humanize them anyways. Hence, why I thought it might be fun to have some people make throw away characters just for the heck of it.
Torvus and Kyra have a history.
Ooh... So there will be more black screens? :P

Wait wait, nvm. Lol, Torvus is married(Engaged, in a relationship, whatever you want to call it.) with that one Lorian who I can't remember the name of right now... Liara? No...

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