early cannons into mass void ray

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getting frustrated with people walling in one base with plenty of cannons, then massing void rays. early pressure would counter the voids, but the cannons negate any type of that and harassment. I would usually be content to simply expand aggressively and out-macro them, but am struggling to find a composition that does even the slightest damage to a whole lot of void rays. I play protoss, btw.
Terran vs voidray: Marines, ghosts, vikings, thors

Protoss vs voidrays: Stalkers, Ht, Mothership, Archon, Phoenixes

Zerg vs voidray: Infestors, Infested terran, Corrupters, Hydras
11/29/2012 06:48 PMPosted by Sean
getting frustrated with people walling in one base

Blink Stalkers
If you know your opponent is walling-in, Contain him on one base with Stalkers as long as possible and expand up to a Fourth. Start mining a lot of gas from all 4 Bases. Tech up to Archons, Carriers, and a Mothership. Build a Robotics for a couple Observers and probably 3-4 Cannons per base since your opponent can always try to harass with DTs.

Once you have teched up to Archon/Carrier/Mothership, add-on A LOT of Gateways (20+). Your opponent is on few bases, and the best way to combat this is to gain an immense economic edge, stockpile a trust fund, and build a high number of Warp Gates. When your opponent tries to push out, your armies will trade, in the worst case scenario, evenly. While your opponent is slowly rebuilding his mass Void Ray force, you will have warped in 40+ supply's worth of Stalkers to kill off his base when he only has a pathetic 6 Void Rays at most.
11/29/2012 10:53 PMPosted by Guilt
Contain him on one base with Stalkers as long as possible

This does work, let him mass an army from one base and deny any of his expansions while you mass your army, upgrade, and expand. Drain his resources and once he pushes and you win the engagement he will eventually lose as no resources to recover with. I have done this a couple of times, it is rare when an opponent does this in my experience, but it does work.
lol if you ever see your opponent getting early canons in his base you just do a warp prism 4 gate and win.
If they wall off the front with cannons, get medivacs fill them full of marines and drop the Mofo.
Warp prism.

Blink stalkers.

Mothership recall.

There are literally dozens of builds that counter 1 base void ray.
dude, you need to get into HotS. you know what's even worse than cannons into mass voidray? cannons into mass tempests XD.
Blink stalkers or even a 3 gate robo stalker heavy will melt away the cannons if you keep the immortals alive. By the time you hit he should only have max 3-4 void rays. stalkers eat those for breakfast.

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