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I recently got a guest key for SC2 to play with my family members, I spent 80% of my time getting FACEROLLED by AI on EASY. Is there any particular reason why ~5 minutes into the game the AI has amassed a force strong enough to clear out 2-3 peoples ENTIRE base unless we instantly stack upgrades and get Tier 2-3 guys out? I mean seriously. It's a bit ridiculous that we get stomped playing on Easy and it's wasting all my time on my guest pass.

I understand the fact that it's one brain working 3 teams at once with no delay in anything, I watched the unit log and it showed them creating monsters right off the bat, 2 minutes into the game they already have upgrades that surpass our ability and then start tearing apart our base. Granted we're not the BEST SC2 players in the game, but there should be at least some CHANCE for us to beat them while on EASY. It doesn't seem to make any sense. It doesn't make me want to buy the game because I can't even play against the computer on EASY with my family members without getting rolled 80-90% of the time.

Anyone want to answer the main question to this: Why is EASY AI, so ridiculous?

Yes, I realize this isn't in the Multiplayer section, but I cannot access the section that it's recommended for because of the stupid limitations.
Err for AI you need build orders and contantly building units. The AI will not scout and always attack with baseline units. And the AI will try to predict your moves the more you play it.

If you cannot get across making units then sorry.
Your reply made no sense.
AI is pretty easy to beat if you play defensive then use air units to harass
Given that they don't rush with 15 guys before you can even get defenses up? I literally just got out of a match where I didn't even have time to build 5 guys before they had 15+ guys that just ran through my base. I'm not asking for strategies, I'm asking WHY are they so hard even on EASY.
If you are totally new to RTS games, I can see it happening.

The difficulty assumes you understand fundamentals of an RTS game like StarCraft II. So if you did, you could have 20+ guys easily by the time they attack you with 15+.

I strongly recommend you check out this wiki.
We could help you point out the biggest problems if you posted a replay.
I would suggest reading some basic strategies online, as it's clear you don't understand the fundamentals of Starcraft 2 or RTS in general. Don't fret though, we all had to learn at some point.

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