Starcraft 2 Problem

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Bought starcraft 2 box on release, installed game on laptop for single player, (did not have internet at time).

Cant remember if the new was active when sc2 came out so I am not sure when I registered the key.

Eitherway, bought a desktop and installed sc2 onto it within a year or so of release. Played games online with no problems.

Launched game recently and it says I only have the starter edition now? I attempt to upgrade it but the key is now invalid because it has already been registered (to my account no less).

Anyone have any answers or similar problems?
Dude post this in tech support if you even want a chance of a helpful response.
DRM system is pretty simple. Just patch your game and log in using your old ID email etc.

But If you didnt register your key with a account then you need to talk to account and billing dept.

This should go to tech support but you will need to call eventually.

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