Apparently Protoss is OP Now.

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lol and whats that about protoss players complaining about infestors? prety much the same thing. im agreeing with you that people just needa practice more and find different strats
The last time toss was OP (outside of slight imbalances within a single matchup) was before KA was removed. Furthermore, I think only Terran has ever truly been over powered, and they have certainly been fixed at this point.
so you played a noob zerg who got greedy? how's that make protoss OP or anything? also immortal sentry pushes are pretty hard to hold in gold and under so u can't really blame him.
I think toss is OP. 1v1 me silver scrub

Cute, apparently im in silver, you realize that silver was my league LAST season? Im in the same league as you are *silver scrub* Also, im almost diamond. Simply put, place your cursor over the part that says im silver when you click my portrait. I never pull the league card, so don't pull it on someone just as good or better than you
11/30/2012 03:47 PMPosted by Stormshout
I agree with what you say, also as Leongrad said zergs complain that protoss is op if you don't let them just drone then a-move with broodlords. It's annoying because people will always complain no matter what, also the reason so many zergs aren't in bronze is because they use infestors as their counter to everything, also the ones that don't know how to use infestors only know how to a-move then they complain that protoss is the easy race and that protoss is op. But anyway it doesn't matter what they say because the ones that acutally think protoss is op belong in bronze and would be in bronze if they played any other race.

I think toss is OP. 1v1 me silver scrub

do you have hots?

if so I'll 1v1 you

I think toss is OP. 1v1 me silver scrub

I'd 1v1 you buddy. :P

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