The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn.

Joeyray's Bar
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Well then respond to my question! That will get it running!
I happen to enjoy all genres of music.
Then what are your top 5 favourite bands?
Guys, it's dead. KO declared it dead.
I would like a meat pie please my good innkeeper.
I ain't see anything.

I don't particularly have a top anything list. They are artist but I guess that's the equivalent to a band so:

David Guetta, DeadMau5, Jay Z, Approaching Nirvana, and Alex Clare.

They're the type of music I'm leaning towards at the moment.

"What type of meat my good Granger?"
smylez, he posted a surrender thread.
My dear roach, you really are good for nothing -_-
Do you have venison sir?
Maybe I will have to reconsider.
*When Knarled noticed that while he was gone... No one was cleaning his Inn so it was filthy as hell*
Sir? You need to hire some people... Remember that they lost their job when you surrendered... So know you have to rehire them and buy new stock.
I am up for hire.

"Listen to me Don Knarly, I am an infest-err investor and I have lotsa capital for you to kickstart this failed business venture."

"What kind? I have all sorts of venison. You like scantipede venison?"

I suppose I could rehire all the Staffmonsters.

And the Jukeling's looking for a job again, I hear.
Oh yeah, I will have 30 25 of them will be to go :).
Make the inn pompous and elite! For all the snobby and cool people to gather and discuss mundane things over a cup of tea!"
But of course, my dear Smylez.

And I must say, it is good to have the support of the ChAoS cOnGlOmErAtE in this venture.

To profits!
Where is my acid tea?
My apologies, Lord Supaflyz! Here it is. Please, I hope you will enjoy it.
"This place is too fancy for my tastes. Smylez, why do you want this place to succeed over the bar?"

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