The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn.

Joeyray's Bar
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Because it is fancy.
I want my Zergling chips with a templar's tendril chowder.
How would you like to take the third seat of the insanity trio? It's been empty for some time.
I suppose that means I do not get the position? Curses.

Here is your order, Lord Flyz. We are happy to serve custom orders to any member of the Insanity Trio.
Do explain what it is you are rambling about peasant.

*Eats chips.
You get to be a god of chaos.
If you don't accept...

Someone else will.
Interesting proposition you have, but I have no interest in these meaningless titles. Go bug someone else with your advertisement. Maybe you can try the owner who looks more than happy to take that place.
You're the first to reject such a grand offer.
There's a first for everything. Are there any roaches for dessert?
Oh well, KO you want the seat?
I'll take it.

I guess this means I have to be COMPLETELY insane now. What part of the Chaos Triumvirate do I represent?
We need shadowfury here to have a proper discussion.
"I am here. And I represent random killing and building of devilish machines. Smylez is the insane medical man. So that leaves you with, well, the man who sputters out random things and does random things that usually make people laugh."
In short, you are still the town drunk.

Would you like some Fried Kittens?
"Yes, yes I would. I'll take three because my dogs will want some too. Can I get one of them with mustard as well?"
What kind of mustard? We have honey dijon, horseradish, French's...

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