The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn.

Joeyray's Bar
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"Dijon mustard is the mustard for her."
Here you go, good sir.

Enjoy your kittens.
I walk into the bar, a business suit and tie setting me apart.

"I'll take one Extra Deliciously Tasty Biscuit, as well as a popsicle." I say to the Innkeeper.
*sets a steaming biscuit and a smoking drink in front of him*

Here you are, sir.
Would you like some toppings for the biscuit sir?
"No thank you." I say to smylez. I eat the biscuit, but throw the popsicle on smylez.

My creative juice are already at full capacity so it is a waste of a good popsicle. Shame on you!
"Lies!" I say, now throwing holy water on him. While nobody was looking, I'd teleported it from another dimension. As it burned him, I smiled.

"It's wine kitty cat. It isn't holy water."
Suddenly, the water begins to burn smylez, cooking him alive.

"How you like my sun tan?"
I look at smylez, "Hybrids look better without being tanned." I then b!tch slap Dacder. "Shame on you." As I slap Dacder he slowly begins to disintegrate, I look at the unstirring blood and organs. "Why, I have just learned how to paralyze someone so much their organs stop working and the blood stops flowing! I'm a genius!"
Suddenly, the body comes back together, and I start throwing holy water on Shadowfury, burning through him painfully and at a remarkable speed.
The Holy Water stops taking effect. "It only works on those with corrupt souls. I have no soul. Therefore, I am immune." I stick Unholy Water into Dacder's mouth and he starts burning.
The holy water quickly flies back out, hitting Shadowfury and exploding, killing him.
"Again. No soul. Not possible. You require a soul to be effected by special waters." I reply, and look at Dacder, shaking my head.
Gentlemen, please. Try to remain calm. After all, this is a place of culture. If you have to disagree...

*holds up two swords*

Please settle your argument in a civilized manner.
I take one of the swords and cut off Dacder's head. I step up in a Highlander fashion and yell, "I AM IMMORTAL! I was immortal anyways, just really wanted to do that."
Be careful, you'll break those swords. They're antiques!
I glare at Knarled. "Do I care?" I whip the sword at the ground and watch it shatter because Knarled didn't want to buy wood. "That was your fault. The floor looks too much like wood."

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