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Soon the realm becomes corrupt with the spilling of blood and onset of the Shadowed One. "Never shall I succumb to order again." I start to turn the area I was placed into a outpost of the Chaos.
Nah, smylez that ain't hope... That's pointless despair that fuels the empty hopes. It's true despair that raises the hopes of someone. But then again, how would a laboratory made Hybrid know of true emotion?
Except you can't. It's a bit more powerful than you.
Ok, just an FYI people, the rabid Tauren are on the loose again. If you see them, let me know and I'll send Orathas Hybrids after them. Someone opened a Portal to Cow World, and they keep getting loose. Not my fault, but I want to lock the Tauren down.
*I was on horseback, with a squad of Cowboys armed with an armory.*
Partner, I don't think a couple of lassos will stop mad cows armed with Gauss Rifles.
"What you perceive is but a mere lie Crymsonraven. It is an illusion of the mind played on you by a Great Deceiver."
*The horses were Robo-Horses and the lassos were energy based*
Meh, Pardner... We can try though. Why not get all of these young boys killed who all have family to go back to? Children that they love with all of their heart... They ain't comin' back.

Ah, but how can you deceive someone who is deceiving you?
"It is the same with fear. Too bad for the world that fear is the most powerful illusion ever."
"The only thing you should fear, is fear itself."
"False. Pissed off women on their period armed with machine guns and wearing Spartan Armor are also something to fear. And SlnderBurrito."
"The one whose tongue is more slippery wins little one. Words, it instills trust, bravery and camaraderie. Yet it also leads to hate, fear, and betrayal."
No, that's humerus... I actually laughed at what you said.

But Doc' smylez, I deceived you by making you believe that I was really going to overthrow and topple SF.
"Oh really?"
"Isn't that the so called 'Funny' bone? Or is it Humorus? I believe it is Humerus. I must look this up quickly. I will edit in the results."
One hundred thousand Angry Tauren attack and kill CR's crew before turning on each other due to Orathas Hybrids.
But I already know what you are going to say, you are going to say that you were playing along the entire time and that I was not really deceiving you. You see... I have several fall back plans.

Welp... Thank you Jester, now they will never be able to see their family again, then again... I also kinda 'lied' to them about this. I told them that they weren't going to die and that nothing was going to happen to them... Time to talk to their family about this.
"Is that it?"
"Yep. The end humerus is the location of the Ulna nerve, which has earned it the name, 'funny' bone."
*I came back with several body bags that were bloodied, inside were human remains and I tossed them to smylez*
You can have any organ from them, they told me that I could have them. Amazing ain't it... Well, then again... I also lied to their husbands and had them put it on the will as well...

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