The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn.

Joeyray's Bar
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"Me no want. Me want to make cyborg dolphins with lasers on the head. Shoo!"
I feel the need to drop Anti-Matter in here.
*Walks up to ShadowFury* Hold this please. *walks away*
But you don't understand, you can make Human/Dolphin Hybrids! Just think about all of the possibilities that you could create from it!?
"Please take this foam finger and slap yourself silly with it."
I grab a surgeon laser and put it into the battery and pass it over to smylez. "Merry Christmas buddy. Oh sh!t. It's the 26th. Better start my RP..."
Merry Christmas to all!

Ah yes, I do enjoy a good Christmas.

And I return to find THIS!

"There is no need to remove me from my position. I will only too gladly yield it to one such as the Changeling, if of course he is the one, the only, the true Changeling.

And so, thou Slender Burrito, for I am sure it is thee they speak of, I will surrender to thee my title and honor as God of Chaos... if... you are able to pass...


For needs must I verify this indeed. Verily, in the words of the one who is called by the name Za'Gara:

"You are not the Queen of Blades. You are a weak Terran fool. Kill her!"

Verily, such I declare. I issue unto thee a challenge: pass through the horrors of the Five Doors and I will surely yield unto thee."

A gasp goes through the room as I say the words "the Five Doors." An ominous creaking noise is heard, and a heavy wooden door, carven with runes, slowly opens of its own volition near the counter. In unison the monsters that work here raise their clawed hands to point at the Door.

"The first door!" They exclaim as one. Looks of consternation and horror pass between them. I laugh.

"Only the true HBRB, a God of Chaos, couldst pass through the Five Doors" *whole-room gasp* "unaffected by what he hath seen, for indeed what ye shall encounter shall drive the reason from the mind of the noblest scholar, filling his soul with the madness of the lost. An thou be the true Changeling, thou wert mad aforetime, and have naught to fear. And so, I say to thee... dost accept my challenge, or art thou indeed afraid?"
*I sigh, rolling my eyes, and mentally projecting every possible horror within these five doors to those around me, within the blink of an eye, before I stand before the first door, cackling.*
One question, Knarled. Is this Oak? Because it works very well with the walls, though... it needs some more blood on it~

*I take a step through the door, and let out a playful scream, before bursting out in laughter, before the door closes.* How many people did I get with that one? I WANT A TALLY BY THE TIME I GET OUT!
"Knarled. I was the leader of the Chaos. You were simply a placeholder so we could still be the Chaos Trio." I punch Knarled in the face and feed him to the Roaches at the bar. "Idiot."
Shadow, aren't you still impaled on a stick somewhere? :/
"I got off hours ago. It was impossible by myself, so I decided to just swap places with my clone. He's now impaled on the stick."
As the challenger passes through the first door, the Trial of the First Door begins. A large screen in the Inn shows what occurs within...

The First Door has, behind it, total darkness. A voice speaks, its hideous rasp painful to the ear. "A challenger? Who dares pass the Door? Can it be that... the One has returned? It matters not. I will destroy you, whoever you are. Endure this, if you can!"

Time itself bends within the room, subjecting the person within to an instantaneous eternity surrounded by nothing, not even light or space.
I yawn, turning to leave. " unentertaining. I'll be back in the Bar, watching your business die."
I will have a Extra Deliciously Tasty Biscuit. Thank you.
*I roll my eyes*
Imbecile. I have embraced the Void through all time and space. If anything, you have bid me welcome back to my home. Thank you for this experience~
Greetings One-Who-Was-Never-To-Return.

You just missed my second retirement. It went about as well as the first one. As you can see, I have moved up in the world from mere Sheriff to Glorious Leader :)
I still have my badge though.

How has life treated you since we last 'spoke' in the DA chatroom?

------------------Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 16)------------------

Will be open momentarily.
Welcome back then Zanon.
I poke my head in, looking around. "You all still sitting in here? Dudes, Zanon's back."

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