The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn.

Joeyray's Bar
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"Knarled. Immortals shall destroy this Inn by morning. You can thank Mecha."
What is wrong with this Inn? I kinda enjoy it and this hostility must end...
"The Inn distracts from the bar. The rightful hangout place here at Joeyrays BAR. Just try to implant the fanciness over at the PRP bars."
Why don't we comprise.. We all change the name that fits the two, we make two sections inside the Bar, one side is the bar and the other is the Inn. Knarled gets to sell his fanciness while Zarkun serves the drinks with a bullet in your head.
"So the bar/motel? Resort? It may work."

*clears throat*

Pardon my outburst. Please, help yourself to some Extra Deliciously Tasty Biscuits.
"THEY'RE OF THE SAME FAMILY OF STRUCTURES!" I grab a piece of flint and a bar of steel.
Oh no you don't, thou foul beast.

*sprays SF from head to foot with a fire extinguisher*

No setting the liquor on fire.
Can we please get along? What about my idea? I like this idea of Knarled's.
"I wasn't planning on setting the liquor on fire." I wipe the foam off of the flint and steel and then strike them against each other near the floor and do so in multiple areas.
Well... He's going to catch your Inn on fire.
Oh. He plans to do this with flint and steel?

I'm sorry, I have lit fires with flint and steel. It is nearly impossible, and that is when the fuel, kindling, and tinder has been specifically arranged to be lit with flint and steel. Not to mention the fact that you have to have specific things like charred cloth or stretched cotton to catch the sparks, as nothing else will be ignited by them.

Ask Zanon. He's an Eagle Scout.
"Fine." I grab a bucket of gasoline and set off a pulse that spreads the gas all of the Inn. I fire a plasma pistol at it and watch as the flames start. "Don't use wood, use stone. Or concrete. Or metal."
Feh! My good man, this is fake wood. I put it in for the sheer culture of it. It is made of PolyFlowMetal, which is extraordinarily durable. You know Neosteel, right? Imagin that about three times tougher, with the ability to repair itself and change its coloration.

Unfortunately, there is now a significant gas fire occuring on said floor.


I thought we were friends, ShadowFury. I see now that more drastic measures must be taken. Naturally of course, I will not resort to SHOOTING you just yet, but...

*hurls a Meat Pie at SF*

En Garde!
The fire goes out and is replaced with water. "There, now its flooded, not burning. And pie sucks soggy. You just wasted an entire pie."
You know what?

*presses Vanishing Deductible button and SF and the flood disappear*

I switched to Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
I'm not an Eagle Scout... But I'm a Boy Scout... Or was before they disbanded the group a few months ago.
An anvil drops on Knarled's head and I jump off. "This isn't a car. Hopefully the anvil will fix that mistake right up."
Nonono. I purchased the button with ALL THAT MONEY I SAVED WHEN I SWITCHED TO GEICO!

Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
"...I think you need to go to a hospital." I guide Knarled to Smylez's place. I push him in and lock the door. I run away.

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