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11/26/2012 01:22 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
A remake would be better, it would also bring some fresh people in.

I agree completely.

Smylez, nooooooooooo...

Well, I guess I'm in charge now!

Yes you are you dastardly roach.
11/26/2012 01:35 PMPosted by smylez
I agree completely.
Plus... It was getting confusing in World's with the Temple... Damn Temple... Wouldn't you agree?

Now the Bar shall experience one of its darkest hours... the time of the dominion of KnarledOne.
It really shouldn't have taken that long. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. I was hoping for a get in, get out sort of thing but it didn't happen. At least everyone still has their character sheets.

Probably don't want Owlfeather's airships too when everyone else is stuck with swords and shields until much later in the RP.

I am curious to see who will be the DM.
Zarkun might retire like he said... I'm revamping Simiras but she is still going to be your hidden royalty that the people didn't want anyone to know, not even the queen.
I'm off! Best of luck to y'all if you get this RP started in addition to the other RPs!

This calls for a celebration!

[The entire town is covered with livers and kidneys as a jovial smylez descends into the sunset and disappears in a flash of black light]
*watches sadly*

And there he goes, one of the last of the older generation.
"Wait a minute, I am now the person who has been here the longest! Well, with the exception of Jake, and LeKroger, so I am now the third longest person to be here! HELL YEAH! BOW BEFORE ME!"
*I just toss some Changeling Reserve to SF*
"No. I must be balance. I shall not be the orderly tyrant like Zanon, but I shall not be the evil dictator like HBRB or smylez would be."
What about Owlfeathers?

I think that puts me in fifth. And I own zis place.

But congratulations, have some Korhallian Burgundy.
"Well I am the most active of us, and perhaps Owl was before me, but I am still more active than him, Jake, and LeKroger. So I am the ruler! MUAHAHAHA! Now, everyone, onto their hands and knees and start bowing. After you bow about six times you can stop and leave."
You? The most active? HA!
"I'm the most active out of the top five eldest. I may not post, but I am still watching."
I've started more RPs.

I've started more RPs.

That never made it past one thread except for one.
"Yes, but all but one utterly failed, and that one was just a revival of an old RP."
If we're going on that subject, I've had an RP that had at least ten parts, and several other RPs. Not to mention I have more posts than most of you.
"Zarkun, I am still 3 or 4 on the top five oldest members of JRB and have been a prodigy to HBRB. Also I am the most active of the top five. Even when I am not posting I am observing. Except when I am at school."
10969 post to be exact Zarkun.

10769 posts to be exact CrymsomRaven

What do you know? Only 200 posts behind!

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