Separatist Space, IV

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"Okay, I'll probably leave very soon then...thanks for the help. I need to find somebody to talk to about this though."
lawl edit in a sec :P

"Glad to be of service." The nurse said, not wiping the smile off her face for a second. "Leave when you please, just check out at the front desk." With that, the nurse walked out.


Morph, dont worry about it. Just leave it as whatever.
As soon as she leaves, Alida goes to the front desk.

"I'd like to check out, please."
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Morph, dont worry about it. Just leave it as whatever.
to late
and could we get an appearence from Devroy soon .... ish or later .....
Sure :)


"Done, thank you Alida!"
"Thank you!" Alida says, walking out.

Now where can I get some answers...

She begins to look around.
Conveniently, just after you walk out of the hospital you see Samantha coming around the corner in a full speed sprint.
Her again! What to do...

As Samantha runs by, Alida tackles her, pinning her to the ground with her body.

"Why are you running?!" Alida asks loudly.
"You betrayed me once, bug. I spared your life after someone left mine for dead. Get off!" Samantha barked. She was unsuccessfully fighting back tears.

Some sirens could be heard in the distance.

"Please..." She tacked on, looking at Alida in the eyes. Her face scrunched in a frown and she sniffled. Samantha had no armor on that could stop Alida's acid and an empty holster was strapped to her belt. She had no weapons and no armor. Her life was practically in Alida's hands.
What did she ever do to me?

"Tell me why you were attacking the council, fast!"
"I was not attacking the Council, those shots were aimed at Scout, you have to believe me!" Samantha said attempting to push the bug off, but to no avail.
Just let the poor girl go...

"You showed me kindness, I suppose I'll repay it."

I get off her, but just as quickly say the following.

"I'm coming with you, so go now."

Good...this way, if she pulls anything, you can stop her.
Samantha starts running, slow at first so Alida can keep up just a while longer.

"I am going where you cannot follow. My life will endanger yours, I can't have that."
I keep up, running quite fast.

"Why? Where are you going?"
Samantha was about to respond but she slammed into a police officer instead. Stammering back she held her head. "Ow..."

"Hey, its you! Freeze!" The police officer yelled. Sam grabbed the Barrel of the gun, rapped around the man, elbowed him, kneed him, ripped the gun out of his hands and head butted him before he could say, 'oh crap'

the man fell to his knees and Sam grabbed his baton and knocked him out. She put his gun in her holster and looked at Alida.

"Well let me think here." She said looking at the sky as if thinking really hard.

"It depends who captures me first, the Separatists or the Black Peace." A police officer rounds the corner behind Samantha and levels his gun at her.
"By the order of a council member, STOP!" I yell at the police-man before Samantha even knows he was there.
What if we've got a 2-3 day time jump around post 382?
the police officer lower's his weapon and runs over to them. "By what authority do you sp-" That's all the man got. Samantha grabbed his wrist and flung him in front of her, putting him in an arm bar. She then grabbed his other arm and kicked the back of his knee, making him fall to the ground. He screamed a deep scream in pain and Sam kicked him in the face to knock him out.

"Thanks. I guess we're even." Sam said with a weak smile. "Let's go home." She said, looking around. But instead of continuing her run, she didn't "I just realized..." She began looking off into the horizon. "I have no home to go to."
....Why did you just do that?

I look at her, with a serious look in my face.

"Nor do I, after that stunt....what about where you came from...the black...whatever it was. And please, do let me come with you...they won't respond kindly to me lying to a police officer so he would get hurt."

OOC: First person is so much easier, so I'm switching to it.

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