Separatist Space, IV

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"I would have to find a ship..." Samantha said, her eyes darting around.


Really? I hate 1st person. So much harder!
"Hmm..that is a problem, but there should be one around..."
Samantha swore, "Keith isn't dead yet... Which means Captain Luis has dubbed me useless anyways. Until he is dead I can't go back to the Black Peace. They would do horrible things to me." Samantha says, assuming the bug would get the picture of terrible things that could be done to a good looking female spy.
OOC: 0.0

IC: "Well what the hell are we supposed to do then? Pretty hard to vie for your innocence with 2 knocked out police-men."
"I don't know." Samantha says, looking off into the horizon. "That's why I said you can't go with me. I will most likely end up behind Separatist bars."
"Well there are two witnesses that will say I'm as guilty as you are, plus I lied about being in the council. I'm sure the Black Peace would find something for you and me.."
Crap. :S

I haven't figured out what I want to happen to Samantha, These next few choices she makes will dictate the rest of her life and I can't decide how I want the rest of her life to go. My apologies, but I simply can't go through with this side plot without knowing what I want to do with Samantha. For now she needs to get captured by the Separatists.
OOC: Well....I can understand why, but it doesn't change the fact that it screws me over. XD
Im so sorry. I honestly dont know what to do. This RP is just a giant mess. There is no other way to discribe it. I can start over, or clean it. Cleaning it is no fun, starting over will leave a stain in the carpet of story.

I might be able to pull it out and back to recovery without doing a time change. The problem is the politics wouldnt realistically allow it. I might have to pull a few fast ones but it could work.

Another problem is, people keep leaving! I wouldn't blame you if you left, Zarkun left, wouldn't shock me if CR left. Who does that leave? Poor Warhawk who has to deal with this guy *Points at myself with both thumbs* Morph and Darkra. Which I guess isn't awful but the RP wouldn't survive long. And I think the story deserves better.
Your problem was that you tried to incorperate an RP and a Story into each other... Which you should have never done, if anything you should have just made the story as a Pre Intro to the RP... That is your true problem right there, it isn't a mess and you know that you can't get everything you want to follow in both RP and Story at the same time, it will never work and you'll just create tensions and problems later as you are having right now.

And I'm sorry if Cynthia was a Vessel before birth, but Shade and Zaros got a little personal in an RP and bam!
A few things:

Having Seven play good guy feels almost... perverse.

Seven is not keen on being locked out again. He uses the 'back door' he just created and reassumes control. Inspecting the situation, he decides to leave most things the way they are, except for one tweak...

He turns on "Sweet Home Alabama" in the security room to the highest possible, earsplittingly loud volume.

{everything since p10)

Dark, the Imperial reaction to seeing you would be *mass energy blast*

Just sayin'.

And finally, I need another recap from about page 10.
Markus, just wanted to point out that the prisoner you wanted is still down in the Residential Sector, and if you take too long it'll be leaving.
IC: dark blood oozed from the wound that the psionic being inflicted on my mid-driff. even so i limped and sat adjacent to the council members. "this isn't the situation i would like to meet you all in but it seems that fate has put us here. are you all ok?" i asked
CR, I think you're right. That's why if I fast forward to where we're already at war I can play around with the storyline and not have to follow tKoP exactly.

KO, the Kalavaris attacked the Citadel, they were repelled and they retreated.

Jester, I got Samantha instead, thanks though.

Darkra, The council members got rescued by Lt. Scout. Where are you?
i went on the transport with them.... were you not aware i was in the council room with the demon? and the council members were there too
I was not aware. *Sigh* whatever. As long as the "demon" doesn't follow along too.


Nobody dared to answer him they just looked in awe.
LA da dee da LA deedee da LA dadada La dedee da DA DA DA DA DA LA LALA Lala LA LALA LALA LA lalala.

(ringing ringing ringing RINGING ringing, ringing ringing ringing RINGING ringing)

Warning... christmas music... overdose...

OK, I get the picture. I am saddened that the Imperium didn't get to show off its might in hand to hand combat, but it is good that the invaders were repelled.
IC: "what?" i asked before looking at the steady drip of blood dribbling down the floor and realizing they were looking at a robot who just took on a powerful psionic being and actually lived and was talking. "its nothing really and besides you said you wanted to talk to me?" i say
"You did nothing, machine. The demonic beings were toying with you. We have encountered their kind in the past."
Darkra, I'm pretty sure that's not what they were thinking about.

The Vaxarus diplomat stands up, and walks over somewhere. It speaks, mostly rambling that isn't completely understood, speaking about the physiology of the creatures.

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