Separatist Space, IV

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OOC: KO i'm on a ship with the council you are nowhere near me

IC: everyone seemed to be in a state of shock on the current events so i decided to wait until someone was willing to speak.
Mistress Cynthia, are you awake? I need to veri-

All of Entity Seven's massive thought processes suddenly stop short in surprise as it notices something. The AI recovers after a nanosecond and continues.

I need to verify that you are once again able to control yourself.


Darkra... guess who's on the council?

OOC: o right lol but shadow ain't a demon he's a psionic being with the name Demon. he literally spazzed !@#$ during the invasion telling us that

IC: "i didn't ask for your opinion. and besides what do you have against me anyways, i just risked my computer life saving your a$$." i replied.
I know what the Demon is. I have encountered it before an the Imperium has fought similar beings (which possessed computers).

IC: The venerable ambassador decides to ignore that extremely disrespectful comment. And make sure his sabre's sharp.
"Are you guys all alright?" Lt. Scout asks from the cockpit.
OOC: disrespectful? hardly

IC: i fixed him with an icy stare "i know what your thinking fleshling" i growled. "this peon thinks he's better then me? i can spear him in an instant and i could have handled that demon easily" i mocked. "well the thing is you didn't, you didn't have the guts, you didn't have the courage, all you cared about was getting yourself out of there" i finished before returning to the 2 unconscious vessels.
"Somebody shut that thing up!" The co-pilot said from the cockpit. "Keith saved your !@# too!"
With some effort, Kor'Tyrgone refrains from giving the machine a taste of his blade.
IC: "i forgot to thank you guys for saving us too. if i was in there a minute more i swear i would not be standing here. does anyone have a med kit because it seems the 2 vessels of the psionic being took a beating too" i said
Entity Seven continues trying to get Cynthia to respond.

If you don't wake up, I may have to hijack the two mechanical beings
and use them to slap you into awareness,

it says attempting a comedic angle. With only a slight amount of seriousness.
Cynthia and Korzis are not in here... right -_-

Crap... yes they are. !#@$ things are even worse then I thought.

I dont even know what to post IC...
KO, you just missed CR. He signed out of DA not but 2 minutes ago.

The Vaxarus bot returns back to where the others are, and starts scanning the ASURA bots.
Lt. Scout puts his head back, grabs his cane and walks to the back where everyone is.

"I just saved you all from sure death. The Black Peace have finally reared their heads out of the shadows. Do you believe me now?"
"The Imperium will... reserve its opinion for now."
"the Asura Mechanica is also impartial" i replied
"Oh?" Lt. Scout said, tilting his head, "Kind of like how I reserved your safety back there?" He said gesturing back to the tower.
Literally the Asura Mechanica, Tyrgone thinks.

"I was... more than capable of handling my own security. Unfortunately," he touches a claw to one of a few wires and tubes connecting him with a pair of machines, "I was experiencing technical difficulties at the time."
The Separatist Council stayed quiet. Lt. Scout drilled them. His cane became wobbly but Keith sustained his stance.
"please sir we have just gone through a lot of stress this is not the time to discuss such matters" i say trying to explain.

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