Separatist Space, IV

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"Are you sure you shouldn't go to the hospital? If your partner's too weak to walk, I could carry him there."
Slipspace ruptures are detected some distance away from the station. There are multiple signatures, including one that is almost four in one.
You might want to get part V ready.

IC: They had finally reached the Choras. "Don't make yourself at home... By that don't sleep on the bunks, or plug yourself in... And we don't have any oil for you types." Cynthia stuck her tongue out in a playful teasing manner.


Alexandria opened the door to the house, time for freedom and a time to remember.
"No, no, I-" The man stops short of sitting up, shuts his eyes tightly and scrunches his face. "Yikes, that hurts. We are fine, nothing happened. Just... tying my shoe!" He said looking at his untied shoe lace. "That's what we were doing! Tying my shoe, isn't that right, Frank?"

He moaned in a tone that said yes.

"Thanks for your help, I was just tying my shoe." The police officer says with a red face. Obviously remembering getting his !#@ handed to him.
"You're...not all right, here." I say, picking up Frank and I start walking to the hospital, beckoning for the other officer to follow.
"haha good one i just need to power down for a bit" i said before putting the girl's brother down on one of the bunks "hey what's your name?" i asked
Jester... the attack is over... not again...


"No, no. That's quite alright. Thank you kind madam!" The officer said, pulling frank to his feet. His eyes were half closed but he could walk. The two walked away stumbling.
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"Cynthia...Ravius..." As Lupa showed up in full AI form, sleek curves for an AI, and the amazing thing was that this AI was different, she was at the same height as Cynthia. "This is Lupa... She wont mind you as long as you stay out of the systems or if you try to hit on her..."
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"The machine requires no rest. Our factory-fleet will be arriving within the hour." The Vaxarus bot replies, the comment directed to Lt. Scout.

Thats what the slipspace ruptures are.

The Vaxarus bot returns to the ground floor, and sets a device down. It was a beacon, and it lights up, signalling where the drop-ship was to land the prototype.
I had awoken, I was being dragged away, that was all I could remember...

It was only a dream, the taste of blood lingering in my mouth, fearing that it would stay in there forever. I was alone, yet again, for no one was in the same hallway.
OOC: Dac... Don't know what you want from me, haha. What were you planning on doing, exactly?
OOC: Getting back to where the council was via the police.
Korzis starts to sputter awake. "Water." He croaks, he had taken much more damage than Cynthia from preforming the gravity well, twice.

As the Phantom lands on the planet, the Ral'zar had now called Essentia, Meridia takes Vi'ria's body out and lays it on the ground. With the help of the remaining Gladiators they dig a grave to place Vi'ria's corpse within.

Torzaz heads back to where the humans were held up, the news he held was awful. But he contained some good news as well.
Oh, okay. Why didn't ya say so?


Alida notices a strange black thing on the ground. It was one of the police officers radio. It had someone saying something through it.

"All available units converge to 52nd street. The Council has been rescued, over."

"Come in, John 52, over."
I work along the streets, managing to find my way. I get on 52nd street, and see the council.
The Separatist Council was pushing its way through news reporters. Lt. Scout was seen in a distance ushering everyone out of his ship.
I see they're fine, but I want to make sure. I push my way through the crowd, and finally get close to Ulna.

" everybody okay?" I say, trying to talk over the crowd.
Ulna almost didn't notice the little bug umongst the crowd. For some reason she felt that this bug deserved an answer,

"Yes, everyone is out." She said, continuing her walk.
i walked towards the other robot. "you're not of Asurian origin....." i said cocking my head and staring curiously

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