Separatist Space, IV

Joeyray's Bar
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They heard a muffled voice from the inside, just barely audible.

"I am ze only one...and I cannot open ze door!"
Meridia steps out with Ro'rai following. Through the entire thing his hand was kept on the hilt of his Abyss Blade. Meridia did not understand why her guards were so erectos all the time.

"I hope you didn't giggle at the Latin word in that last sentence. And Markus, it wasn't 'just' a typo, you almost replaced every word!"
IC: this really isn't what i was expecting but it was something. the containment cell was big enough for me but half the room was occupied by Zaithos. the scientist have lost their intrest for the time being. i flicked open the neosteel blade the imperial commander cut off finding its length increased by a full inch. the nanobots in the metal were working furiously to try and fix the damage. that was when i realized the damage me and Zaithos had sustained. even though the leaking has stopped the metal hasn't regenerated back revealing our inner workings. i lay down on the floor and felt my vision blurring. as if a need to power down.... robots don't... sleep.. and that was the last thought before the darkness took me.
I wonder if Markus is speechless?
OCC: Sorry about not replying sooner, but I had some idiot GDI troops who thought they could wipe me out with a column of tanks. A bit of a storm happened and there isn't anything left of them, nor their cybernetic allies.

@Darkra, calm the !@#$ down. Take a chill pill, and get a drink of cold water.
Definition of Edit, as provided by

1. to supervise or direct the preparation of (a newspaper, magazine, book, etc.); serve as editor of; direct the editorial policies of.

2 to collect, prepare, and arrange (materials) for publication. revise or correct, as a manuscript. expunge; eliminate (often followed by out ): The author has edited out all references to his own family. add (usually followed by in ).

To shorten it out, unless you literally started the recording RIGHT as the sentience started, then by only letting that bit be heard, you have edited the audio, and as such, it has been identified.
Korzis stops Torzaz as he was about to pass Korzis. Korzis quickly pulls out the Revolver and aims it at the ground. Small engraved marks in the metal start to glow teal. He pulls the trigger and a glow bullet flies out and impacts the ground. Soon a large monstrous creature comes out, the crushed bullet rattling around on top of its large shield like head. "What in the Superbior Stellata is that thing?" Torzaz asks, his Blood Rifle flashing into his hands.

"Suterba a what a?" Korzis shakes off his confusion. "It's an Ultralisk, big creature. Ready to tear anything apart." With haste Korzis runs behind the Ultralisk. And that's when the ground behind him collapses in.

"Korzis!" Torzaz yells. "He was young. So young." Torzaz's eyes brighten and he fires a small bolt of energy, but lacking an artificial enhancer the bolt did little more than tickle the 'Ultralisk'. It bellows and chops its two massive tusks together.

"After this paragraph I am going to do Torzaz first person."
OOC: jester i just included the most prominent bits but i also wrote that the recording continued. i just added those snippets in because they were the only relevant parts of the conversation
Nevertheless, only part of the recording was actually played, not the whole thing. As such, it has still been edited, and as such, and edit has been detected.
OOC: the only thing i can say about that is.... facepalm
Korzis creates a shield of energy around his body and smashes into a pile of creep. The shield took most of the impact, but it still bruised him up pretty bad. He illuminates the area and wishes he hadn't, he saw hundreds of Zerg wandering around and just suddenly look at him. His eyes widen and he looks for some way to escape. The only way out was up, and he hadn't really figured out much in the way of his own levitation yet.

Quickly he figures that the only chance of survival was if he ended up getting real pissed, or extremely close to death. The former was preferably, but the latter was most likely. Soon the Zerglings start charging. Korzis's short sword flashes out of it's scabbard and he cuts down wave after wave of Zergling. They were just too easy to kill. Soon the Hydralisks started firing. Korzis ducked and maneuvered, but one caught him straight on in the stomach. If the Demon didn't step in soon, he was as good as dead. When the first Zergling climbed up on top of him he squeezed his eyes shut. Just as it was going to plunge it's scythe claws into his chest Korzis's
eyes flashed open, glowing red.
The Vaxarus bot stands up and speaks
"We detect edited data from the upload. We believe that it has been modified to incriminate the Imperium-platforms."

As such, again, I quote.
Good death scene. An unexpected turn for sure... It would be nice if people started making things a little less depressing, but some how I doubt that'll happen...
11/27/2012 06:52 PMPosted by ShadowFury
eyes flashed open, glowing red.
*The ball was passed to me*

IC: Cynthia was still near the bar, her eyes turning red, a red dark aura was seeping out of her body, it felt dark and angry. Just then a table from the bar was picked up and slammed into a crowd of people inside, drinking their favorite liquor. Wood smashing against flesh, injuring several people already.

It felt like a serene pissed off connection, almost as if both Korzis and Cynthia's location were linked and was sent to each others brain.

OOC: War, I had Dacder read an earlier post and he figured out immediately what I was going to do.
Do you think that Markus isn't showing up because of what I did?
OOC: well i'm done for today so hope you're done with that meeting when i come back tomorrow
11/27/2012 06:59 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Do you think that Markus isn't showing up because of what I did?

Lol, why would you think that?
I think Mark's more overwhelmed than anything else...
I don't know... Just wondering, because we all thought you were swearing and carrying on while making a post that would result in Dacder's bug getting killed.
OOC: Mark, I'm waiting on you.
They heard a muffled voice from the inside, just barely audible.

"I am ze only one...and I cannot open ze door!"

The captain heard something, but could not decipher it. The team approached the door and attempted to open it. Seeing that it was locked, or jammed, either one. The captain ordered to have charges set.

"Stand away from the door and prepare to be boarded!"

11/27/2012 06:31 PMPosted by ShadowFury
I hope you didn't giggle at the Latin word in that last sentence.

How could you not? It was so out of place!

CR, while the events were unexpected, and I still wonder why she did what she did, I am not speachless. Quite honestly I am trying to type up an essay without coming to JoeyRay's...
hehehe love the error message blizz gives
I swallowed a bug
We seem to be experiencing some difficulty with out website, so we may experience some turbulence and then ... explode

an IC may be edited in not sure though

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