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She stands back, readying for the explosion.
11/27/2012 07:11 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
CR, while the events were unexpected, and I still wonder why she did what she did, I am not speachless. Quite honestly I am trying to type up an essay without coming to JoeyRay's...
As for why... I RPed the reason in a post quite earlier. Dacder read it and he knew what it was as soon as he read it.
The explosion is just enough to blow the door off and send it flying through the ship. The team entered and leveled their weapons at Alicia,

"Freeze!" He yelled while the rest of the team continued to search the ship.
Sorry, War, I'll plot hole that you took it out and just landed next to the Retribution.
Alida stops, and says...

"There's no point in searching, I'm alone, sir."
So Zarkun. With Laura and Torvus gone you only have one more char. Do you plan on Laura and Torvus coming back or should I take them off the Char sheet?


The teem continues the search anyways as the captain takes Alidia out.

"Do you have any idea what happened to your ship to make it crash?" The captain asks.
I moved away from Aer's body, after I hid it under and behind the bush. Licking the blood off of my face I left the park...
"No idea, you'd have to search it yourself..."
The captain eyed her.

"As unnecessary as this is, protocal dictates I place you under arrest. Don't worry. Protocal also dictates that after your ship is searched and dubbed clean your release must follow."

He explained, putting a psionic dampaner around her neck.
I intend on Laura, Cayl and Torvus all remaining in the RP, and seeing as they have Kit, there will be away from the Citadel RPing happening.
11/27/2012 06:20 PMPosted by darkra

However, the words were taken slightly out of context. ASURA deliberately provoked the Yeh-Ket, and Yeh-Ket are known for being easily provoked.

The fear of a king is as the roaring of a lion: whoso provoketh him to anger sinneth against his own soul.
-Proverbs 20:2
Oh yeah. Lol, how did I not think of that? I just assumed since you seemed eager to leave, then didn't say anything for a few pages that those characters were gone for good.

KO, prepare for a lot of flame from everyone. Zarkun especially.
"It means alert in Latin!"

The Demon throws the Zergling off as if it were nothing. He then just curls up into a small ball, hovering in the air, a red energy starts to pull in around him and the Zerg within the large cavern start to be pulled closer and closer. After 15 seconds of this, all the Zerg were within a 100 meter radius of Demon and a large blastwave goes off, instantly killing all the smaller Zerg and leaving the larger ones seriously injured.

Korzis walks through the large expanse of the connection he and Cynthia had and calls out, "CYNTHIA! WHERE ARE YOU?" He sprints around, knowing that only if he combined his might with Cynthia that the Demon would be defeated.

The Demon walks over the corpses, the bodies of Zerg that had Psionic potential that he passes over soon are turned into a red ball of light and absorbed into the body of his host, but feeding straight into him. He was quite happy that the children were separated, gave him so much more time to destroy and consume.
:P i see it now
*four badasses aboard the Bladerunner taking out the entire dominion* eat that you ugly B!TCH that calls himself 'Emperor Mengsk'
"I guess that makes sense...but what's this around my neck?!"

Cynthia, I feel inclined to warn you that people are staring. The ones that
are still conscious, that is.

OOC: I doubt I will be flamed for quoting Proverbs.
Cynthia didn't care if they were staring at this point... They would be dead by the time she was done. "Shut up Seven, lt me have my fun!" It was the beings own words twisting her own.

Brother!? I don't know where I am and I just lost control, what did you do?!
"It is a psionic dampener." The captain said as if everyone knew what that was. He then escorted her to a holding cell where she remained until the ship was searched and verified. It took a few minutes but when the search was completed, the captain came to retrieve Alidia.

"Your ship was searched. It's clean so guess who gets to run free?" The captain said with a grin, taking off her psionic dampener.

11/27/2012 07:22 PMPosted by KnarledOne
OOC: I doubt I will be flamed for quoting Proverbs.

You never know... I've been flamed for quoting the stupidest scripture...

Let me rephrase that...

I've been flamed for quoting a scripture that was barely even religious.
Oh, it's you again. I would think you would have the common sense not
to compromise your host by public displays of rudeness.

OOC: You know, most people probably wouldn't have even known that was scripture if you hadn't pointed it out... it had no religious references whatsoever in it...
11/27/2012 07:21 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
KO, prepare for a lot of flame from everyone. Zarkun especially.
flaming makes very little to no sense to me which is why i tend to remain out of it when it occurs in the rps i am in

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