Politics and Peoples Part 1

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Backstory: Nearly 100 years ago, the last great war ended. The humans had gained control over the sector, and had exiled the Zerg and Protoss. Originally, it was decided that all should be put into one, giant, Galactic Empire, however, this lost favor and instead many smaller states were made. A Great Council was made, for all diplomats in the galaxy to meet at and discuss major issues within the galaxy, however it could only make limited decisions, and had no military power other than an alliance with everyone in the galaxy. Surprisingly though, it held on, and has held on for one-hundred years, maintaining near-constant peace and making swift decisions to all issues. But recently, the small fringe nation of Mirlt went dark, and when an investigation showed that it had been utterly destroyed, it was abandoned and it's representative killed himself. Could it have been a Zerg? A Protoss? Something else? Nobody knew, and so a council was scheduled to be called in...

Description of RP: This RP will be....different. It won't work as most do, but rather will work by making war, political talk, and the occasional war/fight. You may have several different types of characters, free characters of your nation who are free to do whatever, and may engage in subplots if you wish, a Leader, and a diplomat. Having all three are recommended, but only a diplomat is required. You will have an entire nation at your disposal, and may do with it as you please.

Discussion Thread:
Character Name: Orion
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Leader
Weapons/Armor: Armor made of Ultralisk carapace, modified marauder grenade launcher (can shoot air)
Description: Tall, tan, dark haired, purple eyes, handsome complexion, smart, cunning, buff, scar across his face starting from the left side of his nose, up across his eye
Backstory: Orion was born on a small, dark planet. Not much is known about this interesting boy, except for the fact that his planet was ravaged by pirates. He was captured by them and was turned into a slave after his parents were murdered in front of him. He slowly gained his owners' trust, and later, after dark, he crept into their rooms, and killed them all. After that, he traveled to a planet, and after many tactical kills, became leader. He is a fair, but harsh ruler. He believes in a perfect society. He accepts no mistakes. This cold and calculating man will do anything for complete domination.

Character Name: Sirius
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Diplomat
Weapons/Armor: Silk robes outlined with a thin layer of hydralisk carapace, gauss rifle
Description: Tall, intimidating, thoughtful, kind, loyal, has a sickness that causes random blackouts, has a girlfriend, icy blue eyes, toned, has a scar on right bicept
Backstory: Sirius had a sad life before he joined Orion. He used to live on a moon with no oxygen. The humans were thrown there for punishment. It was the Protoss Siberia. Slowly but surely, humans adapted to be able to breath the noxious gasses on the moon, as well as oxygen. After the Protosses mysterious disappearance, the army of Bahavia trekked onto the planet. The used the people as special ops because of their ability. However after a few months of peace, they started to die on oxygen rich planets. The cause was unknown, as they could supposedly breath oxygen. Even when they were returned to the moon they continued to die. After a while, Siruis's entire people died. He alone was left. Instead of dying, he had blackouts. After saving Orion from an attempted assassination, he was given the rank of diplomat, and took care of the people of the land. He saw that they worked hard and did what they were told, but remained in grand condition, and that they remained happy. He created the fun days where A week a month, people got to do whatever they wanted. With him as diplomat, the people were happy in complete facism, and they were prosperous as well. No crimes, no poverty. He is the peoples direct line to Orion. He is the most loved figure in all of Bahavia. A law was past that if any harm was inflicted apon this man, the entire nation of Bahavia would reach out, capture the crime-doers, and torture them for all eternity.

Character Name: Gordon Stale
Occupation: Spokesperson
Description:Old, frail man, blue eyes, short gray hair, walks around in a judges robe.
Backstory:Was a high judge, and was voted spokesperson and has had that position for the last 2 years.

Character Name: Kenji Marcus Omagi
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Occupation: Primarch (Ruler)
Weapons/Armor: Shadowweave robe armored with Old Zerg bones reinforced with Dark Steel. Weilds a dagger and shortsword forged in the light of Omniterras two full moons in pure Shadowsteel. And also a SGA - Ripper marksman rifle.
Description: 6ft. 6, tan skin, Asian descent, and has a scar over his left eye. Long black hair and mild facial hair.
Backstory: Kenji was a Ghost and a while after the Great War, the Ghost Program was discontinued because the Zerg and Protoss were gone, and they weren't needed as much. Kenji and other Ghosts were left alone in a world they didn't understand. They didn't interact well with other people and some became homeless or mercs and people despised their dark ways. Kenji didn't want them to live like worms. He rallied them and left to a dark fringe world. The world was filled with a dark metal. It was study, and very conductive. It serves as the base of their resources and is abundant in the planets area. Over the course of 15 years, he founded the Zerin Republic. He was the Monarch leader, but not a dictator, the power lied in his people, but he could override some decisions. He leads a people that are not well known, they don't participate in most politics (with the exception of emergencies such as the one currently). Their interaction is mostly mercenary work, being hired to fight on one side of a war to make money, but they also sell products or pure Shadowsteel.

Character Name: Boon Vonchi
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Occupation: Diplomat/Ambassador/King's advicor
Weapons/Armor: None, he is not a soldier
Description: Green eyes, black hair that comes past the ears. Skin is dark, but not african dark.
Backstory: This man was hand chosen by James when he was young, he has stayed loyal ever since.

Character Name: Zeia Allison Akiu
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Occupation: Leader of the Shade Gheist
Weapons/Armor: Shadosteel Darkweave nano armor. Light padding. DSR - Fade Rifle, Anti-Material rifle. And a SGA - Banshee pocket shotgun
Description: 6ft. 2, blond hair (usually tied back), blue eyes, Caucasian/Asian (more Caucasian features)
Backstory: A Ghost on the same operations team as Kenji. She always loved combat. With a P.I. Of 8.5 she was a worthy psionic warrior. When the dominion and the ghost program fell. She was the only one encouraging Kenji to create a new nation. After their founding, they married, and have a son, who goes by the name Fenix. She is now the active leader of the Shade Gheist military. She almost always is somewhere on the battlefield.

Character Name: Ryt-Ayrn
Age: 22
Occupation: Administrator
Weapons/Armor:Hidden dart gun... just in case...
Description: Mal are small, black insects with bulbous eyes, long antennae, and sharp mandibles. Ayrn is rather short, but quick, cunning, with the glint of greed in his eyes.
Backstory: Rose to power through an extremely high efficiency rating and only one assassination.

Name: Jonathan Kennedy
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Occupation: Leader/Diplomat
Weapons/Armor: Skimmed down Carapace Armour beneath his suit
Description: Cheerful and well-mannered, but straight to the point in diplomacy. He never lies and he never tries to decieve, prefering to say it like it is and refusing to sugar-coat things for the weak-minded. These unusual characteristics for a politicion have made him an oddity in the meeting hall, but his reliability and popularity amongst the populace have elected him time and again, this being his second term.
Background: Coming Soon...

Name: Domanic Denton
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Occupation: Diplomat/Ambassader
Weapons/Armor: Skimmed down Carapace Armour beneath her suit
Description: Much like Jonathan, he is a cheerful and well-mannered person, but straight to the point in diplomacy. He, however, is not as reserved as his leader in deception, and while he resents criminals and arms-dealers, he will strike a deal if he feels he has to.
Background: Coming Soon...

Name: Joey Carta
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Armament: Verax Assault rifle, "Bessie" .30-06 lever action rifle, Cerberus Laser, Bowie knife, Colt .45 Peacekeeper 8 shot revolver
Armor: Fefnir MK II shielded combat armor. Using a shield generator, the Fefnir MK II can take a number of hits before letting the wearer get hit. Color is blod red with a pair of white crossed swords on a blue flame for an emblem, resting on his left shoulder.
Appearance: Six foot five, brown eyes, silver hair, close cropped hair, thin, muscular build
Backstory: Joey worked as a mercenary before hearing about a project, and when he wasn't on contract, he enjoyed hunting. Because of this, he's become both adept and lethal with rifles, pistols and knives. After the project's disbandment, he went back to mercenary work, eventually working for the company known as Pegasus Corporations, and became a part of their Project Cerberus, becoming one of the first of a second generation of Zeus soldiers, genetically engineered super soldiers that soon were all killed or went back to mercenary work, Joey being the latter.

Character Name: Tratos
Age: Unknown, assumed 40s
Gender: Male
Occupation: Leader/Diplomat
Weapons/Armor: XRM-99 Assault Rifle, E.L.E.R.D.S., Katana, Armored suit.
Description: Roughly 5 foot 11 wears a full body suit that is brown and purple, blocking every attempt to get some detail of his features. Suit is armored. He speaks well, often getting to the point instead of beating around the bush (Love that saying.) Hates lying, and has a knack for seeing through lies. Often travels with a female bodyguard.
Backstory: No one really knows who Tratos is. Some say he is just a face, representing the true leader of the Outcasts. Some believe he is a manipulator of people, using it to work his way up to positions of power. Some say he is a devil, evil reborn in the body of an individual. Only they, the Outcasts, really know who he is, and they do not talk about him, referring to him almost like a god among every other individual.
Nation- Bahavia
Leader(s): Orion
Galactic location: Inner
Government type: Total Dictatorship
Economy Type: Fascism
Money: Over $900,000,000,000,000 ( May be a little overboard.)
Military Strength: 20,000,000 strong
Military Tech: Heavily equipped with the newest equipment possible. Army is feared and respected throughout the galaxy. They are all disciplined, and trained to kill.
Worlds: Zenadus, Truss, Sapion, Karhusta, Antriol
Population: Over all the planets, 14 billion
Political Respect: 9.5/10

Name: H.G.C (Human Grand Council)
Leader(s):Gordon Stale (Spokesperson)
Galactic location: Inner
Government type: N/A
Economy Type: N/A
Money: 5000000000000
Military Strength: 100
Military Tech: Guards
Worlds: Winston Station (Large Space Station
Political Respect: 10


Nation- The Zerin Republic
Leader: Kenji Omagi
Diplomat: Zeia Akiu
Galactic location: Outer/Fringe
Government type: Democratic Hierarchy (One main leader with abilities to override but power still lies in the people.)
Economy Type: Capitalism
Money: Over 950,000,000,000 Credits in the
Military Strength: About 25,000,000
Military Tech: Their military forces are known as the Shade Gheists:

Shadow Trooper - A basic grunt. But their role should not be underestimated.
Dark Operative - Elite infantry, outfitted with the best marksmen/sniper rifles and stealth
equipment available (about 10% of the military)
Fade Tank - A Diamndback Mk. III upgraded with a V5 Cloaking Generator, medium Shadowsteel plating and higher Railgun voltage (capable of destroying some electronics sometimes)
Shadowmere - Heavily armored personnel carriers, capable of transporting 16 people. Equipped with twin automated .65 caliber Anti-Material Rifles
Wraith - A VTOL aircraft with very high speeds and very maneuverable, equipped with twin plasma-cannons (made from salvaged Protoss tech) and quad Lanzer Torpedoe launchers (2 below each wing)
Dark Reaver - Only 4 in existance. Extremely expensive, but what they do have is enough. These are large warships. They can't destroy a whole fleet, but they can defend a planet well. They are built in space and are about an eighth the size of their Homeworld (slightly larger than earth). They lack heavy shielding, but have incredible stealth (cannot be seen by optics , heard or by some scanners in cloaking) They have a total of 8 H.A.L.O. cluster rocket pods, 16 Plasma Flak cannons, and one Obliteration beam, consumes all the ships power and leaves it incapacitated for 5 days only able to power life support systems, but it can tear through almost any armor. Mostly used for defense.
They have alot of experimental, salvaged Protoss tech, but only few are actually battle-ready. They live by quality over quantity and stealth. Infantry guns fold into small portable items (exceptions are AT and heavy sniper rifles)
Also have air and sea transports similar to the Shadowmere.

Planets: 5 Omniterra(Homeworld), Garzin, Reinus, Zertia, Falthera (ordered from largest to smallest population.)
Population: 50,000,000
Political Respect: 8.5


Name: The United Planets of Arcadia (U.P.A)

Current Leader/Diplomat: Jonathan Kennady (Elected the same year the fringe government of Mirlt went dark)

Galactic location: Fringe (Solar System Arcadia)

Government type: Republican Democracy (Presidents have a 6-year term)

Economy Type: Capitalism

Money: $16,095,000,000
>>Gross: 6,000,000,000
>>Current Income: 750,000,000 (12.5% of gross)
>>>Health Care/Educational Funding: 23.5%
>>>Military Funding: 25%
>>>Government Employees: 15%
>>>Scientific Funding: 14%

Military Strength: 2,000,000

Military Tech: If generalized, essentially a 2

The military structure is split into two groups: Army and Navy. 800,000 people man the ships of the navy, and the remaining 1,200,000 make up the ground-pounders.

Worlds: (All Planets are inside the Arcadian Solar System)
>>Climate: Ice World (Blizzards are rampant, Mining Operations are done near Bio-Domes)
>>Economy: Mining (Nearly all of the U.P.A's ores come from here)
>>Population: About 500,000 (All are government-paid miners, pilots, or military guards, as well as an unkown amount of organized bandits strewn across the landscape)
>>Location in Solar System: Comparable to Mars
>>Metals Mined: Iron, Copper, Tin, Native Platinum, Gold, Adamantine

Vorthal (Capital Planet)
>>Climate: Temperate
>>Economy: Trade/Commecialism
>>Population: About 20,000,000,000 (Many live in towering Hive Cities crowded with people, but there are still plenty of regular suburbans and farmig villages)
>>Location in Solar System: The Goldilocks Zone of Arcadia

Space Station 13 (Orbits around Arcadia's Equivilent of Jupitor)
A scientific space station where the military develops new weapons and armour for it's ever-growing military.
>>Population: 300
>>>Scientists: 120
>>>Security Personnel: 180

Population: About 20,000,000,000

Political Respect: 4

Special Notes:

A rare ore found only in the Arcadia system. It has an extremely high melting point, needing to be cooked by plasma for a full hour to be at a consistancy that can be reliably moulded. It is also extremly durable, being harder than diamond, allowing it to hold it's shape no matter what hits it and pierce almost anything if enough force is put behind it. However, it has so far only been found in the arcadia system and can only be reliably found on Valhalla. As a result, it is stockpiled on the planet of Vorthal in a nuclear shelter 2000 meters below the surface, and the only way inside is by an elevator deep in the military compound of that planet, meaning you have to go through their entire army to get to it.

Name: Allens
Leader(s): King James Allen the V
Galactic location: Inner
Government type: Constitutional Monarchy
Economy Type: Capitalism
Money: No idea... eh.. Really wealthy.
Military Strength: 1,000,000
Military Tech: 3
Worlds: Allens, Korvachka and recently invaded half of Jomink
Population: 8,000,000,000 I guess.. lol, I have no idea :S
Political Respect: 8-9 Respected for extreme beauty in everything, extremely good government and extremely strong Morals. Think of it as the U.S. a decade ago.
Reserved for nations pt.2

Name: The Guild Conglomerate.
Leader(s): The Board of Directors, the Allguilds Council, and Executive Karr'Islay.
Galactic Location: Various.
Government type: Joint-stock.
Economic type: "Capitalism."
Money: Far, far too much to keep track of.
Military strength: Unknown. As in, even they don't know exactly how many troops they have. Each Guild keeps track of its own militia.
Military tech: Easily 3. Probably more, but they prefer to sell weapons, not use them.
Worlds: They tend to not live on planets, but they originated on Doer-Vaeran and control small portions of a few other worlds.
Population: Countless.
Respect: A five at most. The Xel'Naga were the first to look down on them contemptously, and people have been doing it ever since.
Fear: Probably at least a seven or eight, for while they aren't scary warriors or anything, they are extremely greedy, have talents such as voice manipulation, and will stop at nothing to make a profit.

Name: Outcasts
Leader(s): Tratos
Galactic location: Outer
Government type: Direct Democracy
Economy Type: Market Socialism
Money: $85 billion
Military Strength: 18 million (All population has gone through mandatory military training)
Military Tech: Custom, Scavenged
Worlds: Fairground (Homeworld), Lavera, Isslias, Vagar, Eritica
Population: 50 Billion
Political Respect: 8
Warrior: Mutant melee unit often deployed with no weapons other than grenades. They are strong enough to handle larger weapons with one hand, and are often seen scavenging from enemies they have killed.
Grenadier: Anti-armored infantry armed with a grenade launcher. They are normally armed with grenades that can wreck vehicles, but can be outfitted with incendiary grenades or EMP grenades.
Infiltrator: Stealthy spy unit armed with a silenced rifle, they are the eyes and ears of the Outcasts, and have been known to steal materials for Outcast use, as well as jacking vehicles using EMP grenades in order to bring them back.. They usually avoid fights, and move quickly, using cloaking that detectors don’t pick up.
Salvager: Lightly armed infantry, they can repair vehicles. They scavenge things from vehicles, and can attach scavenged parts to other vehicles to boost their abilities. They are armed with a revolver.
Medic: Mutant equivalent of the normal medic. They are armed with an SMG, a special grenade that is made of an unknown mix that heals mutants, and can deploy flares to blind enemies as well as gear that can remove bad effects from allied troops.
Vanguard: Durable anti-infantry unit, armed with a Flak Cannon and almost as durable as a tank. They are mostly mercenaries, often fighting for whoever pays them the most. They cannot be bribed when with their kin-faction. They can set det-packs on structures.
Sentinel: Mercenary rocket troopers, armed with an E.L.E.R.D.S. (Excessively Large Explosive Rocket Delivery System), these troops are durable as tanks and are nightmares to them, as well as structures.
Ghost Stalker: Mutant commando, mercenary, and spy, these people are feared by even the specialists of other factions due to their abilities and training. They are extremely efficient, often fighting armies on their own. They use powerful Rail-Guns, and can swap to a Light Machine Gun.
Pack-master: These individuals have trained creatures native to the planet that the mutants had set down and called home. These creatures can spit acid which kill tanks. Killing the master will make the pack uncontrollably attack enemies.

Ironback: Mutant constructor and melee mech, these machines are in charge of maintaining the base structures and refineries. They are durable enough to fight in melee against enemies, and can leap at targets.
Gunwalker: Armed light walker, they are armed with twin machine guns to deal with infantry targets, and their legs are pointed, allowing them to stab infantry, and sometimes tip tanks over.
Digger: Anti-armored tank, these machines are reused from mining vehicles from previous wars. They can dig in, exposing less of their armor and gaining better range, but they cannot move.
APC: Reused vehicle from a few years back, these vehicles can hold one team of infantry and deploy them wherever they are needed. They can also lay EMP mines out to ambush the crews of enemies and scrap vehicles for themselves.
Seeker: Light-weight hover tank, these vehicles are armed with SMART Missile Batteries, equipped with this system for a singular purpose: destruction of aircraft, and sometimes on structures to level locations.
Vanter: The crown jewel of the mutants, these heavy tanks are juggernauts of the battlefield. They are armed with a heavy cannon and four independent machine guns, but these only are a tip of an iceberg. They are capable of holding six people who can fire out.

Impact Drone: Reused UAV technology, these drones are suicide flyers made to crash into enemies. Because they are small and cheap, they are fragile, but if they get in range to explode, they are extremely deadly.
Sidewinder: Reused aircraft, these machines unleash a hail of bullets on a location every time they pass, with enough rounds to destroy close to any infantry. They can also release a missile which becomes corrosive when in contact with the air.
Varius: Re-used Wraiths, these machines now have a more powerful and faster burst laser as well as a more improved cloaking system, allowing them to jam missile locks while they advance to locations, cloaked.
Blimp: Refurbished and reused civilian Blimp, these vehicles are armed with four gatling guns underneath it, unleashing fire on everything they find. They can open up a bottom hanger, and deploy bombs on ground targets.
Devastator: Heavy flier armed with a large amount of cannons, bringing an anti-armor view to everything they find. They can convert generator energy to speed the vehicle up at the cost of a slower fire rate.
Hurricane: Reused variant of a standard Hurricane-variant Battlecruiser, armed with enough missile batteries to block the sky with missiles, along with the shield found in most of them. They do not have a Yamato gun equipped and are faster.

Super Unit
XVSM-29045 “Harbinger” Heavy Train: Part hover tank, part train, and part WMD, the ‘Harbinger’ Heavy Train is a floating fortress of firepower, boasting enough weapons to destroy a continent, along with enough supplies to supply an army for years. They use the same E.L.E.R.D.S. rocket system as the Sentinel, only sending Super Thermobaric Rockets, requiring them to be long-range when they fire it. Other than that, they have weapons on every car to deal with every unit they find. They can also mount other systems, providing shields, mobile repairs, healing, or planting mines


Name: Asylium Corporation

Current Leader/Diplomat: Director Vann Giovanni
Galactic location: Fringe (Solar System Firmam)
Government type: Republic Corporation
Political Respect: 6/10
Fear: 2/10

Economy Type: Market
Money: $170,650,000
>>Gross: $125,000,000
>>Current Income: $15,625,000 (12.5 % of Gross)
>>>Health Care/Educational Funding: 25%
>>>Military Funding: 7%
>>>Government Employees: 13%
>>>Scientific Funding: 34%

Military Strength: 775,000
Military Tech: 1 (Slowly increasing)

Worlds: All structures are in Firmam Solar System.

>>Climate: Temperate, mountains giving a natural defense around key cities, while the nearby plains and forests are rich in resources and wildlife. Anarch has two Oceans.
>>Economy: Mining, Agriculture, Hunting, and some industry is located near the mountainous cities.
>>Population: About 8,000,000. Anarch is full of settlements while many of the cities are nestled within the massive mounatin chains that spread across Anarch, and the moiety of most cities are located right outside of the mountain as well as inside and deep underground.

>>Climate: Swamps and Mountains, Anarch's moon.
>>Economy: None
>>Population: About 675
>>>Scientists/Regulars: 360
>>>Security: 315
>>Underground Research Facility that is a many years old, abandoned a century ago, they discovered this facility on Anarch's moon. Left behind was a treasure trove of data and some other tech that was left behind, they are in the process of unlocking the possibilities.
>>>Nestled deep in a swamp next to a mountain, the facility is embedded into the mountain.

Jake's army.

Thanks to exceeding the character limit, here's my army's aresenal in a seperate post.

>>CMC-400 Power Armour (Advanced, Bulkier, version of the CMC-300 Power Armour. Comparable to upgraded marauder armor in durability, and a hybrid of marine and marauder in mobility. Painted a Dark Grey with the symbol of the U.P.A on it's chestplate)
>>Guass Carbine (Like the rifle, but 3-round burst fire, longer ranged, and better accuracy)
>>3 M12 Fragmentation Grenade (Can't pierce CMC power armour, mostly used to flush out enemies from cover)

Heavy Weapon Specialists
>>CMC-500 Tactical Dreadnaught Armour (An advanced version of the marauder chasis. Solid Slug rounds are useless and even guass spikes have difficult time piercing it's hide. Painted a Jet Black with the symbol of the U.P.A on it's upper chestplate.)
>>Punisher Missiles (Anti-Infantry and Anti-Tank Varients. Both are advanced variants of the grenades of the old marauder suits, made into warheads for longer range and greater accuracy)

Devil Dogs (HWS Variant)
>>CMC-500 Tactical Dreadnaught Armour (Painted a Jet black with a flaming design of dark grey to charcoal black on their arms and shoulder pads. The symbol of the U.P.A is shown on it's chestplate, surrounded by a wreath of charcoal black flame.)
>>Hellfire Launchers (Missile Launchers that fire Incendiary Warheads that are noteriously known for their charcoal black flames and ablility to burn bright even in the Frozen climates of Valhalla)

Medics (Non-combatants: Protected by the rules of engagement)
>>CMC-400 Power Armour: Medical Varient (The armour is painted a bright white with the red cross on both shoulder pads and the Symbol of the U.P.A on their helmet. A full range of medical tools and syringes are inside the right arm, and a medical scanner is on the left)

Leman Russ Battle Tank: A Heavily armored battle tank with a cannon comparable to the siege tank in siege mode. It is armed with regular cannon rounds as well as Incendiaries and Anti-Vehicle rounds. It is painted a Jet Black with the symbol of the U.P.A on the corners of the hull.

Baneblade: What can only be described as a mobile Bastion at the size of a thor if it were laid flat on the ground, this monster is armed with a main gun dubbed the 'Guass Cannon', a double-barreled Rail Gun that fires Adamantine-Tipped Depleted Uranium Spikes at mach 1, or it can also fire the same ammunition as a Leman Russ, though still at supersonic speeds. Two turrets are on either side with 180° swival turrets, each armed with quad-barreled Guass Cannons that fire adamantine-tipped spikes. It is armored with an Adamantine Chasis, and there have been documented reports of baneblade chasises entirely undamaged when the rest of the tank was blown away.
There are luckily only 10 of these monstrosities currently existing, and only one has ever been on the field at any one time, but in the face of this unkown threat, that record may finally be broken...


Class: Fighter
Engine: Promethium-Fueled Thruster
Armor: Neosteel
>>Javalin Missile x8 (4 on each wing)
>>>Description: Advanced version of the wraith missiles of old, these have a higher yield explosion and come in 3 types: Standerd/All-Porpose (High-Yield Explosive), Anti-Infantry (Incendiary), Anti-Vehicle/Ship (Armor-Percing and High-Yield Explosive)
>>Guass Cannon x2 (both on either side of the frontal hull)
>>>Description: Essentially a larger version of the Guass Rifle

Class: Stealth Bomber
Engine: Experimental Plasma Generator
Armor: Neosteel
Description: Having only exited the prototype stage a few years ago, the shadowbolt has proven it's worth time and again, responsible for the devastation of many criminal outposts for such a short time of service, and it's jamming technolagy has proven useful even against the most advanced of scanners.
As for the jammer itself, it essentially works as a blot on the radar. Conventional Scanners pick up a literal lack of anything in an area, and attempts at satallite photos, or any photos for that matter, only catch a veritable 'dead zone' in the picture. Sure, anybody looking out a window will still see it coming, but in the dead of night or out in space, a black dot on a black canvas is awfully hard to see.

Now, this isn't to say no scanners can detect the ship, but the Shadowbolt pilots have come up with a clever, if suicidal, countermeasure against those they know have access to such technolagy.
Kill the engine just before entering scanner range, and simply drift to their target, before gunning the engine once they're within striking distance and rain hell on their target.
>>Black Bomb x24
>>>Description: The main weapon of the Shadowbolt, there are 3 types; Standerd (Think Siege Tank explosion x3), Incendiary (Essentially a larger version of the Devil Dog Hellfire), and Plasma (An experimental plasma based explosive based on the weapons of the now-gone protoss).
>>Double-barreled Guass Cannon x4 (One on the tail, one on either side, and one on the top)
>>>Description: Essentially a larger version of the Guass Rifle, mostly used for self-defense in case they're spotted.

Class: Dropship
Engine: Promethium-fueled Thruster
Armor: Neosteel
Description: The conventional U.P.A dropship, holds up to 30 soldiers or 10 soldiers and a Leman Russ. It can also be outfitted with a Shadowbolt's Jammer at the cost of 10 seats.
>>Guass Cannon x4 (Tail gun, side guns, top gun)

Class: Dropship
Crew: 6
Engine: Experimental Plasma Generator
Armor: Reinforced Neosteel
Description: A larger version of the chariot, and the only thing in the U.P.A arsenal capable of transporting a baneblade. It can hold 60 soldiers, 3 leman russes, or a baneblade.
>>ATA/ATS Laser battery x4 (Tail gun, Side guns, Top gun)
>>>Description: The same laser batteries used on a battlecruiser. Can have the power cut from them to boost speed.

"Lunar" Class Battlecruiser
Class: Capital Ship
Crew Size: 1,000
Engine/Power Generator: Experimental Plasma Generator x2
Armor: Reinforced Neosteel
Description: A custom version of the battlecruiser, in place of a yamato cannon a Rail Gun sits in it's place, firing neosteel spikes with a 12' width and 32' length at mach 1 at up to 2 shots per minute. It is also capable of being overloaded, firing a single shot at seemingly the speed of light. Unfortunately, this prevents the gun for firing again for at least ten minutes, so it is usually reserved for desperate measures, and when it is done it is used with a spike tipped with adamantine.
>>Rail Gun x1 (Located in the frontal hull of the ship)
>>>Description: Check ship description above.
>>ATA/ATS Laser battery x24 (4 on the frontal hull, 8 on the starboard sides, 4 on the rear. All have a 180° pivot point)
>>>Description: The same guns used on your average battlecruiser, except with a little more punch behind them with a plasma generator powering their shots, rather than a conventional electrical generator.

You may now post. Edit: After I start, of course...lol.
Gordon sat in his chair, awaiting the diplomats and representatives of the various nations in the galaxy.

"The yearly meeting already..."

The security had been preparing non-stop for months, and now the first official day of arrival and debates was here.

OOC: Characters, pt.2 (ran out of space)
Character Name: Vann Giovanni
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Occupation: Asyium Director
Weapons/Armor: N/A
Description: 5' 11", light brown hair with lucid green eyes, stocky build, usually wears a black suit with a simple tie and dress shoes.
Backstory: He is the Director of Asyium, who was elected by the peoples representative and he acts as chairmen as well during the meetings of highly important decisions and/or to break a tie. He also has past military experience, once part of a Special Operations units that conducted-classified-Now he is on his way towards an important meeting in a refurbished civilian cruiser with an armed security escort.
James prepared his pen-sized nuclear bomb /troll (Sorry I just had to :P)
OOC: With no description of the meeting hall, I'm just going to assume it's a lot like the U.N meeting hall; A large multi-stepped half-circle around a central stage, with all the countries/nations sitting at a chair in this half-circle. Each with a mic and two name tags, one of their name, and the other being the nation's name.

IC: Domanic Denton steps through the door and claims his seat amongst the middle row in the left-handed side of the room, Jonathon having been too busy to come personally.
I sit high upon my chair, gesturing to him.

"Welcome, and good day."
Ryt-Ayrn sits quietly, a 'pleasant' look on his face, then speaks up in his 'sophisticated Terran' impression.

"Good day to you all."
Two dark dressed men in hooded robes (wearing armor and nano-masks underneath) followed by a fairly tall woman with a similar white robe, walk in and position themselves on either side of a seat on the darkest corner of the table and stand there.

The woman stands behind the seat, face hidden in darkness and places her hands, armored with white-spiked gauntlets, on the back of the seat.
Gordon nodded to them, but waited for more people to come before discussing the issues.
She raises one hand to a fist, and strongly brings it to her chest, then bows and stays for 3 seconds then stands back at her previous stance without saying a word, her face remained hidden. The guards follow simultaneously.
Bored, Administrator Ryt-Ayrn inspected his claws for defects.
OOC: Psst, people, you have to actually have your characters enter! We don't all start inside the room!

IC: Bored, Domanic lets his mind wander and begins to stare off into space, thinking exasperatingly for but a moment about how people always seem to be late to these meetings.
Zeia reveals her face from shadow. And takes a step back, and a figure appears from a blue/lack mist, sitting with a leg resting on his other, his silhouette is the only thing visible.

"Hello gentlemen." A laid back yet 'mysteriously' toned voice is heard, he did his entrance so for effect, nothing more.
I peek at the door, no more signs..

They likely aren't coming, great.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen; I would like to call to order this meeting, which has happened yearly now for nearly a lifetime."
Orion and Sirius quietly enter the hall.They sit down and with their calculating stares, start to look intently at Gordon. Sirius whispers to Orion,

"We are the last ones. We should have took the route along the outer rim."

Orion stared and Sirius, his eyes widening. His purple eyes strangely menacing. Orion's scar glinting bright in the lighting. Sirius leaned back and started to finger his gun.

This is going to be a long day...
"So, what shall be the 'Theme' of this years meeting, hmm?" I ask sarcastically, being in a good mood today because I recently executed an insurgent leader (myself) that was going against my people.
"The recent and unexpected destruction of a fringe world. And, whatever else comes up."

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