Politics and Peoples Part 1

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"Hmm." I lean forward and get serious. "What was left? What energy signatures were found? Or anything we can go off of."
Orion scoffs and pulls his hood over his head, and pulling up his jacket. The garb left a small slit for his eyes, which shoe out constantly swirling. He did not talk. In fact, Orion had not talked for more than 2 decades. He had this, way of getting across his desires to his diplomat. It was like he could read minds.

If they only knew... Orion smiles, his face hidden from any wandering eyes.
"Nothing much, no traces of well....anything. But it was likely Protoss, and if that's the case...they're probably going to try and take the galaxy back."
"What?" Sirius suddenly yelled, rising out of his torpor. His eyes widening in terror. "No? We can't let them! They- they-..."

His voice started to break. Orion grabbed Sirius's head and lay him on his shoulder.

Another blackout? It's getting worse. Maybe the Protoss's recent attack is triggering them... I can't lose him. I can't
ICC ( think?): I will not be here from 5:45- 7:15 Swimming. Just assume I am staying quiet.
Orion... Something's off about him. Doesn't speak ever...

"Well if that is the case... Then we may need to align and stop them before they start."
"Yes, that's what I was thinking. Shall we make a contingency plan in case the protoss are truly coming back?" I asked, wondering if this meeting would be productive.
"I would agree and offer some of my resources and forces, Some."

I glance over and try to decipher what Orion is thinking...
Sirius jumped up and contunued screaming like nothing had happened. -KILLED MY FAMILY. THEY PUT ME THERE-

Orion suddenly rose. He placed a hand on Sirius's shoulder and stared at him in the eyes. Sirius automatically calmed down, and sat down.

"Continue; please. You have my word it will not happen again." I hope

"On the subject of the Protoss, we have no comment. My lord is content to wait for the others."

I think he's making it a bit too obvious that he doesn't want to be here.
I squint, and lay back in the shadows. Face still hidden.
I look over, a bit surprised at Sirius.

"Do you need to be excused for anything?"
My words colder than Nitrogen, "That is. Unfortunate."
No, no I'm fine. If you can, I would feel much better if you- no. I am fine. Please continue.

I hope they don't ask about my condition. I don't want this meeting to be disrupted..

Unaware of what I was doing, I crossed my fingers under the table.

Orion> I throw a dirty look at that; peasant. Who does he think he is talking to? I look at Sirius.

Sirius> Nostrils flaring.

"Excuse me, sir but I would much appreciate if you would keep to yourself. You have no idea how much pain I am in. Do not provoke me. You do not want Bahavia as your enemy.
OOC: Orion, when a character is talking, please use quotations.

IC: "Well, alright then. Anyway, shall we continue?" I say, doing my best to ignore the threats so that they don't spiral out of control.
"Don't make assumptions. Pain is something I know all to well... But I will keep to myself. I apologize for invoking any tension." I say slightly sincerely.
OOC: Sorry :( I'll do my best. How should I clarify on who is speaking? I mean while switching between characters. Can I use third person?

IC: Sirius: "Yes, lets." I throw a suspicious look at my new enemy.

There is something he isn't telling us. Bah! What pain does he think he has felt...
"Anyways..." Zeia adds in. "No evidence of anything?"
OOC: You can put the speaking of one in bold, that works well....just make sure you always stick to the same formula.

IC: "None, at all...that's the main reason we think it's Protoss. Although I suppose it could be something else."
OOC: So no third person?

IC: "Hmmm... I know we have troops and resources to spare, but I think you will understand if we do not immediately help with such little evidence."
"Yeah, the idea of an entire solar system having no trace whatsoever of what happened who is more than a little unbelievable," Domanic says, finally joining in on the conversation. "as well as disconcerning at the thoroughness of whoever or whatever did this.

"I mean, were there any signs of mobs, cars left abandoned on highways, airplanes clearly having taken off to some unknown destination? Was it nothing out of place save the lack of anyone around, as if everyone just got up and left?"

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