Politics and Peoples Part 1

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"Yes, it's quite unbelievable, but the Protoss can do amazing things...and there was blood, lots of it, but nothing more. Whatever it was, it knew what it was doing."
OOC: Ohhh, I thought you meant for talking, Third Person is also fine.
IC: "Why would they suddenly have the audacity to attack us, they aren't known for their stealth, and the Nerazim don't normally attack like that." I say.

OOC: I'm having Kenji in first and Zeia in 3rd person. It kinda works.
"I don't know, it's just a theory...we have nothing else to go off of."
OOC: Nerazim are Dark Templar- not Protoss.
OOC: Well I'm going now. <Hopes it stays dead like this for a while.> I'll be back!
OOC: Same race...
OCC: I have decided to use Korozain's method. Orion first person, Sirius third.

IC: "So you expect us to give you our resources and warriors to go chasing after a theory?" said Sirius.
"A theory? The destruction of a planet is a theory? It's an relief army for anyone being attacked, not something to go on a wild goose chase!"
"Rather than us looking for soemthing that day or may not exist, we should align for the better of our people until the threat is eliminated even if it is just a terrorist attack of some sort. I do not want another Great War, and neither do any of you... Or so I'm assuming."
I say trying to convince Orion and Sirius to my thinking. I am looking out for myself but also others, but mainly me and my people.
"I agree." saiid Sirius after a glance at Orion. "We must stand together, to be ready against any attack. Our combined forces should be enough to stop any Protoss force... if they come."

I stare at Kenji. Something about the man was... different. He seems experienced. I had heard of his Ghosts, of course. I personally prefer ravaging a planet until total annihilation or surrender. His style is not my taste, but he seems like a respectable man. Maybe, just maybe we could become allies? I try to swat the thought out of my head. I tell myself, No! Bahavia doesn't need any allies. I know I am wrong. NO. BAHAVIA NEEDS NO ALLIES. I will not. I will not. I will not.
"Yes, I agree with both of you. So should we try to make a combined army, just in case this threat is something more?"
I take some time to think over this. Do we really need to help others? CAn Bahavia stand on its own when the time comes?

If we do, our military might will be unmatched. If not...

I decide and transfer my thoughts to Sirius.

"Yes." he says solemnly. "When the time comes, Bahavia will stand with you. We will provide troops on some conditions." a smile crossed Sirius's face. "We demand on- no two planets. These planets must be special. A planet rich with the famous Shadowsteel from Kenji, and a planet rich with the adamantine form Kennady. These are our terms. Should you choose to accept them, we shall help. The amount of troops vary. If both planets accept, we will provide troops whenever the need arises. If only one accepts, we shall only help the respectable nation. If none answer the call, we shall not either. Bahavia will stand alone."
I frown.

"You have to understand...this isn't about conquest, this is about helping one another...but we can vote on the issue regardless, but let's hold off on that."
"I'm sorry but I'm afraid I have to disagree. This is all about conquest. I look forward to the vote." Now, the hour is late, and Orion needs to get his rest. Can you show us to our rooms?" said Sirius with a yawn. "I am afraid we will have to continue this tomorrow. Maybe some of the others will turn up."

OOC: You better show up! It's not what I expected with three people. We need you guys here.
"But we have only just begun! No, let us continue the meeting for now."
OOC: Ok you guys go on ahead. I must sleep! For tomorrow there is school and stuff. Again... assume I am quiet. :) Was very fun so far! :)

IC: "...I understand." Sirius replied. My lord Orion will sleep. There is no question. He must. I will stay here and listen. Carry on."
OOC: I'm not going to post at midnight guys... Okay I normally do but I was tired yesterday.

IC: Shadowsteel. Is a sacred element and it is very rare and to get its pure properties, it must be smelted like no other metal. I will provide you with a certain amount in the event of a tragic event. But you will Not. Touch Shadowsteel on any of my planets."

Keira also speaks. "In the matters of resources of war, we will offer our light infantry and (Dark Operations units if necessary) along with some of our finest support vehicles."
She leans down and whispers. "Are you sure we should be helping the other nations?"

I reply, "I live to protect my people, it is about time I stop being selfish and be a man of all people... Who do not stand in my way."
"Very well, all I say is perhaps we should form some sort of grandiose alliance. Then, whatever the threat is, it won't be able to hurt us."
"No? No Shadowsteel from your people? Very well. You heard the terms. We will see what Kennady has to say on the subject. On the details of the support, we will destroy any enemy on our radar. We shall be ready when-" Sirius stopped short. His face scrunched together and his eyes narrowed. His voice changed into a deep scratchy voice. "We are coming. We are coming and nothing, NOTHING will stop us." Sirius slumped onto his chair.

I sweep into the room with great haste. I take one looked at Sirius, and pull my weapon out. They were already here. I could feel them. Perhaps assassins? Maybe the whole army? Was I just imagining it? Was I going mad?
"I said I would when it was needed and that he couldn't go to the mines or forges... He's not unstable than I was in my-..." I pause as I don't want to finish the thought.

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