Politics and Peoples Part 1

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Domanic silently has a quick conversation with a man on the other side of his comm bead, then turns it off and addresses the others.

"The United Planets of Arcadia will have a detachment of 2,000 soldiers on standby, as well as one of our Lunar Class Battlecruisers. Anything else detracts too much from our own security."
"The Guild Conglomerate assures you all, honorable associates, that we will be happy to provide provisions and weapons for defense against this threat... of course, there would have to be some small compensation, but nothing more."
Domanic fought down the urge to roll his eyes at the alien's use of words. He had seen how they dealt with others, and how they could easily spin 'some small compensation' into 'your entire !@#$ing bank account, and then some.' He'd rather make sure they didn't need their help in the first place.
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OOC: Sorry :( I'll do my best. How should I clarify on who is speaking? I mean while switching between characters. Can I use third person?

Third person works best when you have several characters in the same place. I apologize, Dac, for doing a little grammar lesson but I feel it is needed.

In this situation, Bob, Frank and Joe will be having a conversation. Try and see if you can distinguish who is talking at what point.

"What do you mean?" Bob asked frank with a quizzical look.
"Simple, the Popsicle melted before Joe could eat it!" Frank replied.
"You are both wrong, I ate it, but nobody saw me!" Joe yelled at the two.

"Oh, please, we would have seen you!" Bob argued, "Besides, that Popsicle was huge!"
"No, really! I ate it!"

Take a wild guess who said the last line? Context is key my friend.

In my personal opinion, having everyone in 1st person then underlining it, bolding it, etc. is just simply confusing! Take this for example:

"What do you mean?" I asked frank with a quizzical look.
"Simple, the Popsicle melted before Joe could eat it!" I replied.
"You are both wrong, I ate it, but nobody saw me!" I yelled at the two.

"Oh, please, we would have seen you!" I argued, "Besides, that Popsicle was huge!"
"No, really! I ate it!"

Much harder...
OOC: Either way works, but I was only talking for dialouge, anyway.


Why do they always expect compensation for everything?

"I can't at this moment promise you anything, but let us now take an official vote, to decide whether or not we shall create this grand armee of the Human race."
"I vote yes. You should all create an army at once. After all, the relative immobility of your civilizations means you should have some mobile force that can move to aid threatened areas. As I said before, we will gladly provide necessary equipment for this Grand Army, though a miniscule fee will be necessary to cover the cost of producing the required items."
Whispers among Kenji and Zeia are heard.

I stand up, and for the first time as Primarch, show my face.
It is not old, but matured. It holds many scars and one noticeable one down my nose bridge.

I break my faces silence with a sly smile, then say with my un-phased voice,

"I vote yes"
Knocking is heard at the door to the council room.
I look at them, glad that they're using their senses.

For once.

I then turn to a guard at the door.

"Open it up." He then proceeds to slowly open the door.
I stand outside the door, both hands up, in a false sense of surrender. My bodyguard behind me wasn't as sarcastic, almost not even visible as she observes in the shadows.
"Don't shoot." I say sarcastically. Then, with a serious tone, I put my arms down and say "I came here about the meeting."
The guard, one of the elite of the elite in the galaxy, doesn't seem amused. He allows the guard to stay by the door, and lets in the jokester.

I turn to the new arrival.
"Hello, you're a bit late...we're voting on whether or not to make a grand armee of the humans to combat possible threats since an entire planet was recently destroyed.." I say, rushing through the sentences.
"I apologize for arriving late. The ship I was coming here in had an issue at a bad moment, and I had to be transfered over to another ship." I say, then, after listening to what was said, I reply with
"Entire planet destroyed? Wouldn't be the first time. Do we have a possible list of who did it?" I say, taking a seat. My bodyguard slips in behind me, keeping behind me the whole time.
"Yes, and no. There is currently no evidence, and the cleanliness of the job forces us to assume Protoss. So, we need an army, just in case they try something."
I shrug. "Well, I'm going to need something more than a wild assumption before I start putting some of my people at risk."
"It's only just in case a planet gets attacked...it's a relief force if you will. What could be wrong with that?"
"Again, is this threat real or is it just another corporation dicking around with a new weapon so they can sell it on the market?" I reply, and add "I can give supplies and medics, along with engineers, but I won't divert combat teams unless you have proof."
"Corporations don't destroy nations, sir. I assure you this threat is very real, and again, your men won't be used unless we are attacked. Think of it as a promise to help others, an alliance, rather than your troops being used in an army."
I lean back in my seat, and say "Oh, you'd be surprised......." I sigh, and say "Fine. I can divert some stuff over to this relief force."
"Thank you, so that is obviously a yes...what do the rest of you say?"
Domanic once again had a silent chat on his comm bead with an unknown reciever, then answered.

"The U.P.A votes yes."

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