Politics and Peoples Part 1

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"Okay, one more vote needed to pass this act." I say, looking around the room.

Things are finally happening...
"Surely none of you wants to cause the extinction of your race by balking at a few pennies!"

Profits may finally be happening...
"Depends. Do we have to pre-pay for this detachment to be at the ready, or is only it's deployment charged?"
"Well...if you would have a small force, maybe a few hundred people, ready...and the rest standing-by, that would be preferred. At least by me, but of course, we would have to vote for that as well."
I lean back and whisper with Zeia.

"We will have a Special Re-Action Force (about the size of a Company) ready to react. Readily available with full Air/Space and Armor support." I say adding my contribution.

"If the vote is passed." Zeia adds in.
"A small initial fee would be required, but a full bill could be provided later, when things settle down and become more convenient."
I shake my head, and look at Gordon, leaning the chair back a bit further. My bodyguard whispers something into my ear, and I shake my head. She nods, and I lean forward again.
I continue eying the room.

"Well then, I suppose all willing participants shall be allowed to organize this on there own time...now to the fun part. Do any nations present have concerns, or anything else worth saying?"
"Only that the Board reminds me to express our good friendship towards the race of Terra and we are eternally happy to be your business partners."
Mostly because we're your only business partners... I think to myself.

"None here."
Alright, how to come in....I KNOW!

IC: I slip through the doors quickly and quietly, making sure not to cause any disturbance.
"I'm glad."

OOC: Don't get too bold, there are still guards. :P
"We have all of the info we need." I say, laying back to the shadows.
Sirius stood up. Blinking. Had no one heard him? Was he imagining the speech? He glanced at me. I knew what had to be done. The voice I had heard had made it clear. They were coming. I nodded back at Sirius.

"All right. We're in. We need no payment for our help. Forget everything. The bargains. We will fight those bastard aliens. We have beat them before, we can now." Sirius said. I slunk back into the shadows.
I listen to the one Ambassador. "Wait, sorry for intruding, but aliens? What exactly is this contract going to entail?"
I look suddenly at the man I had not noticed before.

"However much is necessary. We shan't lose our hold on the galaxy to some damned aliens."

OOC: G'night everyone.
"The Shade Gheists will also remain independently funded for this Alliance. Also, ,and this may be my childishness speaking, but I do think we need a title, a name. One that indicates our purpose, but will also intimidate any roach who wishes to encroach on our plans."

I say learning forward (still shrouded) and interlocking my fingers on the table.
I shake my head. "Great," I mutter to myself, "Fighting Zerg and Protoss. Maybe that Project Cerberus wasn't as worth it as it seemed." I'd removed the tracking chip Pegasus had placed in my arm months ago, and now I was a free as could be, usually getting contracts fighting Zerg and Protoss. I missed my old contracts.

OOC: We won't be fighting them, will we?
"Maybe we should call ourselves the Dark Hunters. It fits. With us hunting dark things and such." said Sirius.

I agreed. It was a fitting name.

OOC: What, you want us to just sit here and talk? LETS SEE SOME ACTIOOOONNNN
"Hmm, I like the style, but it is a little blatant, and may scare the people of our empires. I prefer, Faded Judgement, or Shadow's Redemption. Something a little more sly..."

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