Politics and Peoples Part 1

Joeyray's Bar
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That's not what I meant. I meant will it actually be Protoss and Zerg we fight.

IC: I shake my head. Naming a relief force? Maybe the contract payed high, but high enough to listen to these kooks? "Why not Alpha Flight or something like that? Something that doesn't even hint that there's a military force to deal with the threat to the public stays calm."
"Idea. Alpha Sentinels. We are the top dogs, and we are the guards of the sector. Ensuring safety, and justice."
I shake my head, turning and heading for the door. "I don't particularly care, just throwing some helpful ideas out. Gordon, come find me when you're done. I'll be at the bar." I walk out and head for my usual spot, giving gutsy pickpockets the stare down when needed.
"Well, that will be a vote for another time. So, Gordon. The decision of an alliance is decided as yes, correct?" I ask
OOC: Shall you fight the Zerg and Protoss? Depends, there's no storyline.

IC: What a petty thing to argue about.

"It shall simply be called the Human Grand Armee. Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, is there anything else you fine folk would wish to talk about?" Gordon was a Napoleon fan, and liked to emulate things that he did.

OOC: Also, this is the very beginning to the RP, if no tensions are made (that's honestly the purpose of this.) then....I'll have to make things get interesting.
Dacder, I have semi good news for you... I should have a sheet up by...Saturday.
"Not that I can think of..." I says scratching my chin.
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Dacder, I have semi good news for you... I should have a sheet up by...Saturday.
OOC: Semi-good news? That's great!.....I'll be gone for the next few hours, sorry. So...yeah, see y'all in a bit.
"None here. As long as this alliance is secure and our defenses sure, there's not much to do but wait for the enemy to attack."
"At which time we sall immediately send worldships to... offer our services to afflicted worlds. Until then, perhaps we can work out a contract for weapons production."
"What kind of weapons are we talking about here? I am unfamiliar with your guild's tech."
"We developed a good deal of useful equipments during a war caused by the Fishermen's Guild. Our CRAB suits allow survival in total vaccuum, are extremely durable, and fire shells that can pierce neosteel with ease. Our acid weapons are extremely effective over a short range, our Gnat missiles seek out and destroy enemy guns with an acidic spray, and our plasma weapons are rivalled only by the Protoss. Perhaps our best item is our Flex Armor, which... ah, but this is not the time to discuss goods."
"I disagree, but I suppose you've already answered my original question and then some. In any case, these seem to be equipment that we should keep in mind for later, but we should try to know what we're fighting before we blow all our money on weapons we may or may not actually need. No offence."

Hmmph. If only I didn't have to be polite all the time...
I snort in reply. "Just give me a good-old fashion Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher. You corporations can keep your high-tech crap and sell them to other people." My bodyguard leans forward, and whispers in my ear again, too low for anyone else to hear.
"Do you want me to.....deal.....with this pesky nuance?" She whsipers, and I whisper back
"No, not today. He may have his uses." She nods, and stands straight again.
I take my usual seat in the bar and look around, sipping my drink. Place had seen better days, but now it was fairly run down with all kinds of filth in it. Guess they were the reason I came in here instead of a more respectable bar. Some one had to keep the ruffians in line, and it wasn't the bar keep, though his double barreled AA-12 fully auto shotgun was pretty intimidating.
Really now, nobody?

"Well, since there's no big news, let's get to making new laws, any propositions?"
"What laws are we talking about here? Last I knew crime was at a below average, and there hasn't exactly been a need to change international laws."
"More like for us. Like to not interfere with eachothers governments."
"Various things, also, spending laws and the etc... I have some to propose, but I would think someone would have a law they want..."


At the bar, a ruffian wearing a leather jacket comes up to Joey, and stares him down. The thug is rather large, and muscular. But he of course lacks weapons, as it's illegal in this bar.

"How about you buy me a drink?" He says in a threatening tone.
I ignore the man, continuing to sip my own. "Buy your own buddy."

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