Politics and Peoples Part 1

Joeyray's Bar
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The man continued staring him down.

"I think you misunderstood what I said. I'll ask again, will you buy me a drink, or will I have to take your wallet and buy it myself? Either way works for me, buddy."

The bar keep notices the action taking place, but watched for now.
"And I said pay for it with your own money. Or do I need to show you why no one else is near this section of the bar?"
A U.P.A soldier, currently off-duty, looks with a wry grin at event passing before his eyes.

Finally, something interesting happens around here...
The man lunged at Joey, throwing a punch at his jaw.
The helmet envelops my head and I duck beneath the blow, slamming my fist into the large mans gut and then throwing him into a seat clear across the bar. "Stay down if you know what's good for you."
At that time, the man pulled out a knife, and started running across the room. As he approaches you, he goes for a blow to the upper torso, hoping to catch a lung. He was mad, but also drunk. His friends were yelling at him to come back, and trying to stop him, but he couldn't stop.
I catch the mans wrist and twist it, making him drop the knife, then I punch him square in the jaw, knocking him out cold, before throwing him back into his seat. "Damn drunks."
The bar tend sits back down, and the mans friends tend to him. The man has obviously suffered a broken jaw and wrist, and is taken to a hospital. The bar tend then comes over to Joey, "Nice." he said simply.
I shrug. "I gave him two chances. He didn't take 'em." I sip my drink again and lean back. "Mind getting me a refill?"
He fills it back up, and hands Joey the drink.

"That man's been causing trouble 'round these parts, so you can have a few drinks for free for makin' him think twice fo' me."
I nod my thanks and resume watching the crowd. No wonder he'd looked familiar. He'd started a fight at another bar shortly before I left.
I glance at Gordon. "What do you have in mind?"
"Well, I have a few propositions...you sure you have nothing, absolutely nothing? No changes to laws, big or small?"
"Look, it seems you have a... interest (can't fall back to slang in here, not now.) in change, but quite frankly, nothing of vast importance has really happened in the last few years, so unless something's been going on between nations that I have no clue about, I think we can assume our current set of laws are just fine."

OOC: Also, to be blunt, what exactly are the current rules?
OOC: Well, it's just international laws...I was hoping somebody would propose something to help themselves, giving themselves a world, a mining colony, etc...
"I suggest creating a law forbidding all interstellar tariffs, as these injure interstellar trade."
OOC: Speak of the devil...

IC: Yeah, and I suggest we hand all of our budgets combined to you basterds on a silver platter, how's that sound?

"Please tell me we're not going to actually consider that..." I mumble to myself, sighing in exasperation.
"Keep in mind, fellow representatives, the power of such freedom-enhancing laws. Removing the tariffs will encourage those who ordinarily would not trade to do so, stimulating the galactic economy."
Fools, removing tariffs will result in a cheap influx of foreign subpar goods that will flood the domestic market and utterly destroy the industries there. You must have protective tariffs to protect your oh so invaluable infant industries or be subverted economically by the enemy.
This is going nowhere. Maybe I was better off by myself.

I sigh and excuse myself. I go to the bar as well.I take a seat in the darkest corner, and order my frink. Undiluted Manadara Nectar. A highly exotic, poisonous drink. the baar tender looks surprised at this request.

"We don't get a lot of requests for that." he said. I stare at him, my eyes burn their way into him.

"All right. I'll get your drink." he mumbles.

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