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Ok, so i'm still quite new to sc2, as i only have about 450 1v1 games played so far i think, and am in gold league, but my pvz is really hurting me.

idk exactly what the problem with my pvz is, but i just dont seem to win a ton of them. If i were to make a guess this would be my approximate win rate vs races.

Terran: 70%
Protoss: 60%
Zerg: 30%

Its just quite frustrating to start a game vs zerg when i know there is decent chance i wont win a long frustrating game. especially when it seems like 50% of the players out there are zerg.

some of my problem is my apm, harassing while keeping up in macro, and i'm aware that remedies with practice. which brings me to my next point, before i keep dropping on the ladder, i didnt know if anybody had any tips or would want to go a few practice rounds vs a noob to help him out. I went from rank 1 gold to rank 25 last i saw, because i'm loosing over half my games to only zerg players. i can out play terran and protoss players of top 8 gold, so its not that i shouldn't be in gold correct?

Anyway, i'm looking for a practice buddy or some good common tips from fellow players on how i can work on this. been playing some Peepmode obs games to try and work on this, but its hard to find players of the same caliber on there.

Nearly everything you need to know regarding PvZ.
I could play Zerg against you while giving you tips at Protoss. Even though i have no idea how good i am at Zerg, PvZ is my best matchup and i could definitely try to play the other side of it against you and help you with it. Message me in game! I'm vopMillea #992. :D

Nearly everything you need to know regarding PvZ.

perfect, thank you very much, unfortunately, ill probably die of old age before i can read it all.
I feel like such a nerd. I worked through it all the same day it came out. And I'll never apply it well :(
I have observed lower league players do one thing very well when they play zerg.

They know to FFE really great. The problem always seems to be that they do not have a plan as to what to do with the FFE after they get their pretty little city built.

Do not que up probes...IE 3 at the main...3 at the natural and then have NO money to build troops. In lower leagues build troops or invest in tech heavily.

The overwhelming reason I see lower league players lose to zerg is they have no plan and they tend to sit back too long letting zerg max out. Against zerg.....plan on attacking at the 10 minute mark with whatever you have.

Whatever you have will increase the more you practice this. You've got to stop them from droning and expanding and put pressure on them or you will be so far behind that its not funny. For this I would suggest a 1 gate robo (within your FFE) and get out an observer asap and scout them. Know what they are doing so you can formulate a plan based upon what they are doing.

Nearly everything you need to know regarding PvZ.

perfect, thank you very much, unfortunately, ill probably die of old age before i can read it all.

That's why it's organized so you can skip to what you need :) ♥

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