Please help me buy a laptop!

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So this weekend laptops will be going on sale and i will be purchashing one. The problem is my budget is low. Like probably only 400 but a possibility of 500 (not high). Its for school but if you could help me find one that can game a little (like low graphics) i would appreciate it!
The laptop above is very capable. Would run sc2 on medium settings with good framerates until late-game team games. How do I know? I have a laptop with a 2.5 (3.1ghz max) i5-3210m processor, and a 7670m just like the listed laptop. I start a medium setting (ultra textures) game at 80 fps, and that number stays around 40 late-game in 1v1.

The price of that laptop is not reduced, A8s with 7670m's have been on the market for a few months now with no change in price, so you didn't miss out if you haven't bought it yet.
Starcraft 2 was released on July 27, 2010. That should answer your question.

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