Separatist Space, III

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Pff, I feel like an !@# right now anyways. I know that was directed at KO. I was defending KO(And everyone that is accused of boasting about a custom race.) Saying, "It would be really... really stupid to boast about a custom race."

*I put the knife away*
Apology accepted, now I wont kill you, yet.



Ulna blinked three times looking around the room. "You have nothing else to say?"
Da crap??? Did anyone else see that post from "Ninjaee" with a diablo portrait that mysteriously dissapeared? His post said something about degrading 12.4 to 12.3.
I will let the others here ask me about our race. Meridia says with a contact to Ulna's mind. Then their curiosity will both be satisfied, and I won't have to spend an hour speaking.
I take a deep breath, and then speak quietly again.

"Not much, what's the news?"
Nah you crazy...

*I whisper to the others*
He knows to much... We must kill him.

As for the Knarled part, darkra was talking about how one of his characters were boasting, you know... Their pride?
I thought that was a troll....That twas a strange bug in deed.
It also said it was posted two years ago...

Bahaha, CR xD
Following Kit down the ramp, I note her unusual appearance;
"Torvus wasn't joking when he said you hadn't told us everything.. not that I can blame you, of corse."
I close the ramp and beckon Laura into one of the seats. For a long time, there's nothing but silence, while Laura and I debate what to say. "You never told me where you went when you came back." I sigh.

"Echo IV. Strange place and I met some strange people." She nods, and then does the least expected thing. She leans in and kisses me, and I don't fight it. Soon, [Black Screen]. I lay next to Laura, happy. Laura was snuggled up next to me.

"I love you."

"Love you too."
Darkra, what are you talking about? You defended me valiantly, I did not punch you in the face. All I said was it would be stupid to boast about a custom race, that is all!

Zarkun... "I don't know what to say so nevermind." -Breaking Benjamin.
would everyone just stop arguing? please and thank you.

IF Wfawwer's side plot gets out of hand, THEN you can say no. But I do understand where you're coming for with this. (I've run a number of RPs with friends irl)

@Everyone else:
Give Mark a break. K?

Well done. Short simple and too the point.
I want to reply...

...but technecally its arguing and you said stop arguing...

..."Now I am TOOOOORN!" -Disturbed.

Bah, what the heck..

IF Wfawwer's side plot gets out of hand, THEN you can say no. But I do understand where you're coming for with this. (I've run a number of RPs with friends irl)

The problem with this is by that time it is too late. She would have already incinerated planets and killed entire races.
OOC: ooohhh i thought the invincible soldier thing and immovable object was directed at me.....oohh kay this is awkward..... (cough) sorry
As long as the PR's responsible for the race are ok with it, I don't see the problem.

But enough of this, BACK TO RPING!!!!!!!! :D
She isn't exactly killing them....More like preserving their minds.
No. Hahaha. xD

Don't worry about it. Hakuna Matata, bro.
Think of what Fawwer is doing what the Reapers were doing in Mass Effect... She's preserving life in this form. And she's freeing them from the burden that is life... Let's continue with the meeting so it can turn emotional from me.
Think of what Fawwer was doing as what the Reapers were doing in Mass Effect...


I dont even know why the meeting was called if SF doesn't have anything to say.


Ulna shook her head in an attempt to free her mind from his voice. "Ah, so you are telepathic. Does anybody have any questions for them?"
We both got dressed quickly, or tried too. Instead we [BLACK SCREEN]. Once more we were laying next to each other. "Maybe one at a time?"

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