Separatist Space, III

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The Fighters track someone as they approach, and waits for them to show up before they attempted anything to do. They didn't want to blow someone into oblivion, yet.


The large mech and the Blade Troopers approach the house. One of the Blade troops speak, its voice deep and harsh, more of a growl rather than speech.
"Attention, organic-platform. We see you in there. We do not wish to harm anyone, but we wish to speak to those who inhabit this location in order to identify everyone."
Alexandria was fastened for the tests. "What kind of tests are you going to subject poor old me with?" She asked with curiosity, she might as well know what they were going to do to her.
Settling into the Phantom's pilot seat, I open a general comm line;
"Connect me to one of the council members."
I ask the the comm controller.
{One moment please.}

Mark, this is to Ulana, Anderson, etc.
I open up my new bottle, and pour a glass, and toast the council.

"Something's going to happen, I can feel it."
Meridia gets close to the machines. "What are you, and why are you here?"

Koris stands up. "My name is Korzis, and there are only 20 Terrans in here, I am the only one who can fight. There is also one of another species here."
"Classified." A man said, escorting you through a large door and into a containment cell. A table lay there with proper restraints in case things got out of hand.

"Please lay here." The man said, gesturing to the table.
Alexandria just did as she was told, arms tensing for the moment where they would restrain her again. "Since I'm being held against my will... I feel like that maybe I should have the chance to get an explanation once we're done?"
One of the fighters speak. "We are the Vaxarus. We are here to investigate signatures of a new race on this planet, and eradicate the organic-platforms here know as the Zerg."


The Blade Trooper replies with "Are there hostile-platforms in your structure, or do you refuse to step out to speak to us for other reasons?" The other Blade Troopers spread out, heading to each structure. The large mech stays where it is.
"There is nothing hostile in here. And I don't want to go out there because there are Zerg." Korzis replies.

"New Race..." Meridia ponders those words for a few seconds before replying. "We are not new. We just have managed to stay off of every document that isn't our own."
"The Zerg-platforms will no longer be a problem. We have sent platforms to delete them." The Blade Trooper replies.


"You are new to us, for we haven't seen your signature anywhere else. The other race-platforms will be informed once we have collected sufficient data. Unless you wish to reveal yourselves to them." The fighter replies.
"I shall tell them myself. Now where would I find them." Meridia asks.

Korzis looks at the robot. "Fine." Korzis heads to exit and beckons Torzaz to follow.
"The Separatist Station, a meeting place for all races. If you require, we have transports available." The fighter replies.


The Blade Trooper backs up from the building, with the larger machine keeping where it is.
I turned the corner and continued on my way back towards my room... They would be getting worried for me, but I had to do something if I wanted to get out of this... And if I was dishonored, or if they found out I lived... They would surely kill me.
OOC: Geez, I was stuck in a plot hole for so long... IRL matters don't help either.

With a stretch and a bit of a yawn, Darreus sits up again, and turns to Lt.Scout.

"All the data's on that little computer there. Feel free to look at it. In the mean time, do you know any good places to rest? It's been about a week since I last managed to catch some shuteye..."
"No, I will just need cordinates. I can go myself." Meridia starts warping back to the Phantoms.
Korzis and Torzaz exit. "We are the only ones who can inflict harm." Torzaz says to the machines in a formal tone.
morrjo... Markus has disappeared so if I were you... I would start up another plot with one of your characters... My people require another person to show up... While Aer is chillin', Saevire is looking for Aurora... And Aurora is plotting something which she may regret.
11/24/2012 11:50 AMPosted by Zarkun
"I received some...special training during the intermediate months since we last saw each other. It was during this time that I gained some personal insight and other things that improved my outlook on the world."

"Sounds nice. I could use some personal insight I've changed so much over the millenia. and i have been 'out of sync' since i was last here." Kit says as they walk.
OOC: In that case, is she still in, or near the council chambers, Crymson? I may have a small plot to deploy...
Well... She is in the hallway, walking back towards her personal quarters with a bundle that is a Tribal Dance dress that she holds dearly.
The fighter speaks again, its systems contacting the Phantom.
"As you wish. The coordinates are as follows." Co-ordinates appear in the ship for the location of the station.


"We have encountered a new race. What can you tell us about them?" The Blade Trooper replies. Without warning, the large mech rotates on the spot and fires, killing a Roach that was burrow-moving nearby.

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