Separatist Space, III

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"We have sufficient data due to nanite micro-scans. We are satisfied." The Vaxarus bot replies.
OOC: Mark, my post. #364
Aer spoke up. "You look like as if you had lived through many stories."
@Zarkun: O_O

@Jester: Do you want to RP the Kalavaris and Black Peace's alliance?

@Dac: I didn't know that was directed at me, my bad.


Ulna glances at the bot. Nanite micro-scans... That could be scary.

[Aga asks about the news.]

Ulna turned her attention to Aga. "Im sorry, be more specific. News on what?" Ulna knew exactly what he wanted to hear, but she needed him to say it.
Mark looks like you're gonna need SS 4 now
I know :S

Unfortunately two pages were covered in an argument. It is good news though since if you put it in a summary, nothing really has happened xD
Wonderful...playing dumb.

"Pretty much everything, the safety of the colonies mostly though."
Saevire stood up. "Maybe it would be best if I told you my news near the end... If I say it now, I can guarantee that we wont get anything passed through."
OCC: Markus, I accept, but you'll need to inform me if I screw up with the Black Peace forces. I'm assuming they are a mostly Wet-works style organization, like the Shadow Broker's teams?
"What news? If it is of importance, please do say. Have you found out about Luis or something?" I say, suddenly getting excited.
The news of Lt. Scout's assassination flashed through Ulna's mind. She did not react outwardly, however. "There is no new news..." Ulna lied through her teeth. She had become a pretty good liar over the years.

[Saevire stands up and speaks]

Ulna shifted and examined Saevire. Uh-oh... He has bad news...

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OCC: Markus, I accept, but you'll need to inform me if I screw up with the Black Peace forces. I'm assuming they are a mostly Wet-works style organization, like the Shadow Broker's teams?

Don't know what Wet-works style is. I dont know what the shadow Broker's teams is either.

I'm confident you wont screw them up, but trust me, I will inform you if you do.
{Dropping out of hyper in 15..... 10..... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. and here we are.}
Finished Aradia; The Citadel sprawling in all directions, warships and merchant craft scattered about it like motes.
{Damn.. this place is big...}
"Your telling me. Contact System Control and request a docking slip."
{On it.}

^ Mark, this is to you. ^

* * *

"..." = Alicia
{...} = Aradia
Italics is mental communication between the two of them.
OCC: Wet Works is sort of a Mercenary term meaning Assassination, killing, ect. Black Ops essentially.

Also, waiting on your word for the Green Light. And I guess I should point this out, there will be a prisoner at the end of the invasion of the Station, it will be one of the 'Abominations'.

The Vaxarus bot shifts its head, looking at Saevire.
OOC: Then yes, much like that. They control varius gangs and thugs throughout the Citadel so, you have a little freedom in that.
"You have pushed me too far, machine. Good-bye."

The Captain draws his Sabre and runs ASURA through.

A brute (twelve feet tall) grabs the other intruder in a massive claw and starts squeezing.

OOC: You literally asked for it with ASURA. If I misunderstood correct me.

And with the other... eh, this is punishment for posting that you easily tore through essentially an entire army of seasoned warriors with highly advanced tech at their disposal.

IC: "Once the honored one has finished speaking, I have... news to convey."
OOC: well quit harsh but meh if you ask for total annihilation

IC: my dark lifeblood dribbled from the wound "i told you death is a variable. i can't die, but you can" with that the self destruct sequence initiated blowing the captain and anyone else in the room to bits.

Zaithos: as my master's life sign faded to nothing i knew there was no point of being on this ship anymore. i hammered the giant's face with a volley of blows from my power fist while my storm bolter fired at dangerously close range.
Erm... you are Bound. The warp field prevents you from doing anything. At all. That I don't like.

Even if you could self destruct, the field would contain it completely.

And if Zaithos is to survive, he needs to get away fast. Walking tank or not, you don't just board an Imperial ship alone and hope to survive.

IC: The Brute hurled its prey into the wall with a resounding crash, then leapt forward, swinging a massive fist.
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"Once the honored one has finished speaking, I have... news to convey."

Yuuk turns to the Imperial, "Speak your mind, Imperial."


OOC: Sorry, I didn't know that was necessarily directed at me.


{Docking block 15 Segment A. Welcome to the Citadel.}

The control tower lady was kind-hearted.
"While the meeting was adjourned, I received news that an Imperial battleship, the Blazing Fist, in orbit around Rabasch was attacked. The Rabaschan reported that the attacking craft were far smaller than the Battleship, yet seemed to shrug its fire off easily. The enemy boarded the Fist. The crew was evidently unable to fight off the attackers, for the captain of the craft, Hydran'Orthas, evidently was forced to detonate the ship's reactors. The Rabaschan report that the enemy collected the pieces of the destroyed ship and disappeared.

"There is no doubt that this was your mysterious enemy that attacked our craft."

Ulna shifted in her seat. The whole council looked at each other and spoke in body language and facial expressions.

"That is disturbing news..." Nilus finally broke the silence.

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