Separatist Space, III

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Saevire is a male........

IC: Saevire was waiting for the room to be silent. "May I continue now?"
{Thank you.}
Aradia replies;
{nice people here.. I could get used to this...}

{"All ships, This is Alpha. We've got ourselves a docking slip, lets move!"}
Alicia comms, the ships moving to their spot.
"now, find me Stefan."
{already? if you say so...}
Who was that directed to? I looked back and nobody called him a female...


Anderson looked at both of them. "Does your news have any relevance to the threat that threatens the galaxy?"
Well... Before you made your edit you called him a she in your characters though.

IC: Saevire spoke with honesty. "No, but something happened... May I continue with no interruptions now?"
I sit attentively.
I made my edit because Dac ninja'd me... Whatever, it doesn't really matter. WAIT WAIT WAIT... I do remember that... It was minor and I edited before you mentioned it. My bad.


Ulna hesitated, but seeing the Imperial ready to listen to Saevire, she allowed him to continue.

"You may."
OOC: The imperial????
Yea... that was directed at KO... But come to think of it that did sound like it was aimed at you. My bad.
OOC: Mark where is the council located and KO what means of escape are there on your craft?
OOC: Darkra, these are things... that need to be discussed... in the DISCUSSION THREAD!! Lol... Sorry... but seriously...

Anyways. The council and KO are on the Citadel. The capitol of the Galaxy. Where all meetings that involve all races meet.

What "craft" do you speak of?
OOC: oh Zaithos is still trapped on KO's ship and i just needed to ask what means are there to escape since he just blew ASURA sky high.
" I wish I would not say this with Aurora in this room... But she's going to find out sooner or later."

I was nervous now, what did he not want me to know?

" Something attacked us, ripped through the protective shell that led to our home... Mates dying in front of their partners, children and babies being slaughtered. Eggs being crushed by the heel of this disaster. Whole tribes being taken out, our entire defense system was taken out from some kind of EMP weapon... They couldn't retaliate besides tooth and claw, beak and talon. The planet being stripped of everything, the place becoming a inhabitable hellhole. They can't live there no more, and now they are angry and they are turning theirs backs on the goddess... We are an endangered species... I will give you the count of the survivors later.

Tears were starting to well up in my eyes, my face was on the table, my hands on my head, trying to drown out the noise that would soon come. I couldn't help myself.

Aer saw all of this as well. "I will take her out of the room... This would be better for her if she was alone right now."
OOC: and Mark is it a planet and if it is i might pop in for a surprise visit
I sink back into my seat, putting my hands into my face. I attempt to gather myself, but only manage to utter a single statement.

"I' sorry." I say, turning to Aer and Aurora. Thoughts were racing through my mind, and suddenly, without warning, I pick up a small glass cup resting on my desk and smash it on the ground, the sound filling the room.
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OOC: and Mark is it a planet and if it is i might pop in for a surprise visit

No, its a super mega huge space station.


The council looked at each other again, "Do you think this was the same enemy that has taken many colonies and trade ships?" Rohan asked.
my hand plunged out of the ground as i heaved myself out. it seemed this capsule got buried in dirt and rock. well i did a bit of reading and it seems the Imperium isn't as mighty as they say they are. there seems to be a Council of all the races that are inhabited in what is now called "separtist space". now to find a ride to get there.....
My comm buzzes and my eyes widen at the caller's ID;
"Kit, would you give me a minute? I better take this."
I say, slipping my helmet on;

{Hey Stef, it's me. Alicia want's to talk.}

"Aradia, it's been awhile... Any idea what she wants this time?"

{Oh, I'd say the usual. Here she is.}

{"Stafan, we're here. I figured we should talk business first. Who are we working for?"}

"I.. can't say exactly. It'll be best if you work that out with the Council. Where are you parking?"

{"Docking block 15 Segment A."}

"Alright, I'll be there."
IC: well i could try and hack the network to contact the council but that wouldn't be a good approach.....

Zaithos: i continued firing at the brute, stepping into another hall at the same time. as i stepped through i broke off at a mad sprint, busting down the nearest door i ended up at the hangar bay. perfect, i can escape.
While the meeting was happening, something else, something...different, was happening far away. On Villanovan, the bugs that dominated looked up in the sky..only to see something different. The following are recordings taken from Villanovan, the only surviving record of what happened.

Play recording.
Mayday, mayday! Something...I don't know's attacking! They've taken heavy losses, but they just keep coming! There are so many! Most tried to burrow in the ground, but they were quickly killed off, the tunnels being flooded and those within drowning. The larvae, the women, the children, all dying. It's horrible, it's Volsinii, please prepare all defenses, and don't come's too late for us. The army here is no more, the colony destroyed utterly. Please learn from our mistakes, understand you have to be prepared, that you aren't ever immune. Make sure you take threats seriously...please, just don't let this be your fate. I am.....oh god, they're coming! They're coming! OH GOD HEL- End Transmission
Without waiting for Aer, I had walked over to the door after standing up, my emotions flaring, sadness and anger, crying and pain. A guard was standing next to the door and I snapped at him. "Open the!"

Aer tapped his staff on the floor and gave a worried sigh. "Such a terrible thing to happen to one so young... But that isn't going to be the worst trial for her yet..."

Saevire watched in pity, his own eyes giving off some sadness for his people, both Candor and Lacerta. "...By tribal laws, she will have to resign as ambassador and be put on reproduction... And I am very sorry to say that, but we could die out... Plus the the laws are older than I."

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