Separatist Space, III

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Aga watched, his heart filled with pity, not knowing he too would soon share the same feelings.

Poor girl, I wonder what she's thinking, I wonder if she'll ever be the same.
OOC: Dac, what attacked you? Mind telling me in OOC?


The door quickly opened by the guards hand.
OOC: Fawwer, my idea. It's going to start a sub-plot.
OOC: well my plot is stuck so imma just jack one of KO's ships before he sends something else to totally demolish me a$$

Zaithos: i hijacked one of the skiffs. plugging myself into the computer it was easy to hack their systems. i flew it off detecting ASURA on the moon from before.
With fury I pushed the guard out of the way and walked out, my tail with full force knocked down another guard as I walked by, my hands tensed with anger.

Aer tried to relax as best he could. "And I guess that will be her last meeting as ambassador... Now she has to fulfill a promise to her people even is she likes it or not."
To answer Aer, Meridia nods. "I have seen much. I was elected for my position for my powerful strength in the battlefields between the tribes. Does anyone have a question about my race?"

In response to Saevire's story Meridia simply thinks of this. "Perhaps it wasn't wise of us to settle in this sector of the space."

"Sorry, had homework to do."
OOC: i'm fast forwarding a bit to cut out my plot freeze

IC: ASURA sensed another imperial skiff approaching but also found another presence on board. it looked as if it was derived from him. "your lordship" he said kneeling. "what?" i replied. "i am Zaithos your eternal guardian. but i have failed my job miserably" he explained. "no zaithos you have done something no other has done for a long time. you have brought me joy" i said. i had kin... others like me, it seems fate was smiling upon me after all.

we boarded the skiff and set a plot for the Citadel, the Council headquarters.
The Arthur Class Destroyer, former residence of URM, exited warp over Villanovan. Without further provocation, a full on planetary bombardment commenced, turning a small region of the planet into radioactive waste.

The cargo bays opened, and a small pod, surrounded by a set of prismatic transports accelerated towards the planet.


The pod made an uneventful journey towards the groud, the Saeculum military having retreated for now. Each felt a strong desire to defend their home, but all of them understood that going in one by one against the Destroyer in orbit would be suicidal.

The pod opened up, revealing a small blue sphere which detatched itself from the pod, hitting the ground. Immediately the silver threads, which covered most of Cor began spreading from the point of contact, spreading over the ashes of those who had died in the bombardment. Each prism hovered briefly over the sphere, then shot off towards the major population centers.

---In Orbit
The Destroyed floated, completely silent, as it broke into the Saeculum communication channels. Every member of the race heard the bone chilling words, delivered by the rogue A.I.

"Your cycle of life and death ends today. Free you are from the burden of work, of pain, of strife. You are free from the burden of life. Join the legion, and be happy.

Your sanctuary has arrived."

The planet burst into chaos as did space. A cohort of fighters swarmed the Destroyer, pummeling it with their weapons. The Destroyer fought back, obliterating a fighter with every shot.

The Saeculum, however, reproduced like mayflies; and there were simply too many of them. The Destroyer burned as it descended towards the surface of the planet.

The joy of the pilots would be short lived. When they set foot on ground again, it would not Villanovan, but Volsinii.


The Prism flew through Arghum, the largest city on Villanovan. Every time blue light pulsed through its center something died, as a flash of lightning incinerated it and unleashed a Hellbat, the enslaved corpse of the Candor. Armored and equipped with thrusters, they lept across the densely populated city, spreading fires everywhere they went. A flock of harvesters approached the city from the south, reaping the hapless Saeculum.

---Three Hours After Touchdown

The blue sphere, having absorbed the lives of countless Saeculum, had grown in size, as well as the network of living fibers. The fibers themselves, once they reached Saeculum towns, seemed to gain sentience, lashing out and coiling around the insectoids. The remnants of towns could be found by looking at the lumps in the threads, a cast of the planet.

The Prisms spread destruction throughout the planet, and the killing blow came when, from the wreckage of the destroyer, another legion of Hellbats emerged, dispersing through the wilderness to find additional Saeculum. Before the day was done, the entire planet would be silver- a living horror.
What the hell?
That was a weird bug.
.... what's a blizzard guy doing here? raven you saw that too?
"Check the date, he wasn't actually here, just a bug."
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OOC: Fawwer, my idea. It's going to start a sub-plot.


Could you... wait until me and Fawwer get things straightened out?

Fawwer... Can we get things straightened out before you start destroying everyone!?
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OOC: Fawwer, my idea. It's going to start a sub-plot.


Could you... wait until me and Fawwer get things straightened out?

Fawwer... Can we get things straightened out before you start destroying everyone!?
OOC: I asked her to do's a's not liked she destroyed my race either, just under half of it.
I specifically told everyone like 10 times... Oh whatever, we made a compromise...
"ok we're going to approach the station stealthily." i told Zaithos. the space platform was coming into view. it was massive. i opened a comm link with the station "hello zis is Torth.... and uh Zallon of the umm "Imperial Fist" requezting permission to land". "that was terrible" i told Zaithos.
A guard of Markus's get knocked on his !@# from a tail and he ain't sayin' nuthin'. Good guard that one is.

IC: I just kept on walking, crying as I walked, stop so lightly at times to punch the walls, most of the time denting them.

Aer responded to Merida (Is that right SF?). "I'm sorry that this is a bad time for you to be hearing about our problems."

Saevire sat back down. "We are now pulling back our relief effort to help others hit by problems... We will not send over a ship with a small crew, and we might have to resign from this council. As in leave the Citadel as races."
CR i love it how the moment i try and join the council you try and leave lol
"Do as you must. I don't feel this council has helped much anyway."
"Just hearing what these things do make me tremble. The Adeptus would have to stay within our space if we plan to defend ourselves. But I believe that if you stay within this council you will be able to get help from others on it. I know for a fact that we would be able to help you."

"Meridia. You missed the second 'i'.

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