Separatist Space, III

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"What has happened was no fault of yours. Do not contemplate taking your own life. You are not responsible for what has occured... but perhaps you can help save your people."

Kor'Tyrgone has suddenly appeared behind Aurora.
Laura's done what she can. I'll probably leave the Citadel shortly and go deal with the Dominion back in the Lorian system soon.
I looked with despair at Kor'Trygone, my claws away from the walls and around my arms, pushing hard, cutting deep down and the blood... As red can be was trickling down my arms.
"It was not my fault, I will never be able to see them again, and now I have to do something that I don't want to do... Even if it's for survival..."
Entrance the ninja!

I teleported into the Council chamber, noticing the atmosphere of the room and the Imperial organic standing over the Lacerta organic. "Halt organic. What has happened while I retrieved support forces?"
Kor'Tyrgone shook his head sadly. "Sometimes we must overcome our pride and do what is necessary. Believe, if it were my choice I would never have come to this station. I am a warrior, not a diplomat. Yet I know that what is best for my people is what must be done."

He sighs.

"The loss of your people is terrible indeed, but remember that you are not alone in this. Hydran'Orthas, the captain of the ship that was destroyed by the Black Peace, if them it is, was a student and good friend of mine. All of us have lost friends to the enemies that threaten us on all sides. And we must work together to defeat them."

{Rude intrusion}

"We have received news that the young one's planet was overrun by invaders. Almost everyone was killed."
11/27/2012 09:25 AMPosted by Zarkun
I teleported into the Council chamber
Funny, we ninjaed the ninja... And I feel like I have a group of stalkers...

{Rude intrusion}

"We have received news that the young one's planet was overrun by invaders. Almost everyone was killed."
Knarled... We aren't in the Council Chamber..
11/27/2012 09:25 AMPosted by Zarkun
the Imperial organic standing over the Lacerta organic

Noticed this, not the Council Room part.

So yes, he has been ninja'd.
It feels like he's going to change it where it just seems that he knows exactly where to teleport to me... We have ourselves a robo stalker.

IC: "I know we're not alone! But that doesn't help me... I am of age, even though I am not completely mature yet... I know that you have the same pain, losing everything... But I can't do this! I just can't, I would rather kill myself before carrying the pain and responsibility of bringing life to our people." The blood was now on my legs as well as my arms.
"There are... other ways."
I stopped crying for a second, my claws out of my arm as I looked up, the stains from the tears were shown. "What do you want with me, and what other way?"
"Your people had no aid against the invaders. But that does not need to be the case now. There are those who would gladly help you. For my part, I will do everything in my power to aid your people... though, I cannot give as much aid alone as others might, if you would but consider it."
Blood was finally getting on the dress, staining it red where it was brown. "But what do you mean by other ways? What other way? And what aid can you give us?" I sounded desperate, for a solution that could help me.
"I will send relief using my private wealth. This is permitted. Our Emperor is a good and just ruler, and I know he would send aid as well... but in the Imperium the law is considered to be above all things, and our laws forbid the assets of the Imperium itself from being used to aid a world that has not given its allegiance to the Emperor. So, that is impossible I suppose. But I will still aid you in any way I can despite this, and I know the Emperor will always be ready to help, should a way to aid you legally be found."
I smiled, weakly but it showed my gratitude. "Thank you... I'm sorry that that this happened, and I'm sorry that I'm acting this way... I just know that I'll never be able to help them truly, I wont be able to voice their problems now... For only Aer can do that now, because according to tribal laws, I have to-" I didn't continue, I didn't want to tell him what I had to do, even though he could probably guess since our numbers are low now.
"I understand. Still, while you remain here you must seek the best solution for your people. I know that this is hard for one so young, but perhaps with the technology of the Imperium it could be avoided."

He bangs his clawed fist against his side.

"Ah! I apologize for creating false hopes. That cannot happen as things stand now. Still, I will advise the Emperor that your people are in need. We will do as much as we can within the law."
I cringe at the sound, I wanted to be left alone now...
"Just... Thank you, I don't know how I...I mean we, can repay your kindness."
I started to think, thinking about what I could do...
"I just don't know what I can do for what's left... I'm officially off of the council by law. I don't have the word of my people and Aer can be stubborn."
"I am sorry. That is unfortunate. I will go now. You need some time to your self."

Kor'Tyrgone bows slightly and walks away.
Mark then how do i get affiliated with the council :P if you don't notice we're trying to sneak in on an imperial skiff
Yes, and I advised them to scan all skiffs and detain them if they appear suspicious.

Anyway...darka, you can't join the council unless you actually have a race that isn't extinct pretty much.

IC: I watched as the Imperial (forgot his name already...It's a hard name) walked away.

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