Separatist Space, III

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I chuckle. "I can show you a meditation trick if you'd like. Helps me to balance myself out and make peace with my self." Reaching the hangar, I lower Bladerunner's loading ramp. "Right, what should I expect from that ship? Assuming, of course, my plan works."
as Kit walks up the Bladerunner's loading ramp she replies. "Most likely apocalypse. but thats only if it is still functioning after all these years." Kit thinks for a moment remembering an encounter with another derelict xel'naga ship. "ya expect the apocalypse."
I chuckle. "I've been on plenty of derelict worldships. I don't think it'll be that bad. Now, how much of your tech is reliant on thermal and other such visuals?"
Torzaz replies in Latin, "New Race? I wouldn't know a thing."

Korzis looks at Torzaz, confused. "No. I don't know much other than their appearance."
Meridia sends message through saying: Gratias ago vos. The Phantom she is within takes off to follow the Coordinates with several Gladiators.

"Torzaz is a Ral'zar."
"well that depends because my peo ... Elerians mastered the use of time a while ago so my tech does have temporal scanners but probably half is equiped with 'conventional' scanners." Kit says going over a list of tech she has access to in her head.
I chuckle. "Well, temporal is all good and well, but they most likely entered a Jigen-Tou state, meaning...." A minute later the scanner lights up, "They're fluctuating through dimensions at a rapid base. Man would Shadow be jealous. Of course, the Xel'Naga were capable of lots of things."
"Then we are no longer needed here." Several Blade Troopers walk out of the city, their arms coated in what looks like blood. The large mech walks away with the Blade Trooper in tow.


The transport picks up the team that went into the city, and along with the other ships that went to the Zerg base, returned to the ships in orbit.
Kit watches the scanner readout. "An Elerian TARDIS class time/space drive can barely jump between ours and another with out burning out or eating a star. That a ship could remain in limbo like that for a hundred Erini standard ...." Kit trails off thinking of possibilities.
Korzis heads back inside with Torzaz. "You understand they were talking about your kind."

"My race is not new!" Torzaz responds.

"But it hasn't been witnessed before."
I hit a few buttons. "Where is it...Kit, mind helping me look for the stabilizing beam? It'll force them to freeze in our dimension."
"sure just a sec." Kit says snapping back to the current situation and beginning to look for the stabilizing beam.

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A few minutes of searching and I finally find it. "Got it!" I hit the button and the ship returns to our dimension, just as large as it should be, but completely in operable. "Well, seems the inhabitants died off. At least I hope they did."
Kit checks the scanner for life signs. "No life signs unless they are shielding themselves from your scanners. We better be careful."
"Right. They could be in stasis too. Hopefully we didn't trigger the wake up." I maneuver the Bladerunner into one of the hangars and land, double checking my equipment before heading for the ramp. "You ready?"
"As ready as i ever will be. Santar is waiting if we need a rapid evac." Kit says as she grasps the hilt of her sword and joins Torvus at the ramp.
dammit its been hours and KO hasn't been back yet. we were in a middle of a conversation in character but then he suddenly disappeared
He'll be back. Just be patient.

IC: I nod and lower the ramp, a pair of detknives in my hands for a ranged greeting. Instead of a hail of fire, however, there was nothing. "Well, that's rather disappointing. What's your game plan, Kit?"
Settling into the Phantom's pilot seat, I open a general comm line;
"Connect me to one of the council members."
I ask the the comm controller.
{One moment please.}

Ulna's hand comm begins to vibrate. Ulna raises her elbow to 90 degrees and pushes the button. Stefan's holographic images appears in the palm of her hand.


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Alexandria just did as she was told, arms tensing for the moment where they would restrain her again. "Since I'm being held against my will... I feel like that maybe I should have the chance to get an explanation once we're done?"

"Sorry," The man in a lab coat responded, shaking his head, "Not for me to decide."

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"All the data's on that little computer there. Feel free to look at it. In the mean time, do you know any good places to rest? It's been about a week since I last managed to catch some shuteye..."

"Spacer's rest I hear is good." Lt. Scout answers. "I'll look through that Data tonight, thank you."
as the ramp drops and the two descend they see a large hangar with about a dozen ships. strange skeletons in piles of dust are scattered across the hangar. the skeletons are about half the size of a hybrid (the mostly protoss one from 'In Utter Darkness') but seem to be a very strange and disgusting mix of protoss and various zerg strains.

"dunno i was kinda hoping to let Hos lIngwI' meet their steel and flesh but that obviously wont happen now." Kit says as she walks over to one of the skeletons, draws her sword and sinks the blade into its skull splitting it cleanly. She drops to her knees and just sits there for a moment.
"Well, I think we've found the crew." I kept the knives ready, not about to be taken by surprise. "Makes me wonder just how long that ship was like that."


Laura reached the bar, and looking quickly, didn't find him, so she headed towards his room. The guards were easy to charm her way past and soon she was working her way to Rohan's room.

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