Separatist Space, III

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Jessica, being abhorrently bored, naturally defaulted to the usual type of thing for a newbie to do on a long-lasting stakeout:

Stalk people.

And when someone wanders off alone... Perfect. With but a shimmer in the air behind Aurora, nothing really else showed Jessica's presence...


"Yah. Thanks. Its hard staying up for this long."

With a clunk, Darreus plunks down a small bar of a silvery metal on the Bartender's stand, with a simple "That's for their drinks.", pointing at the pair.

"You know where to find me if you need anything."
"One hundred Erini standard years. somewhere around 300 of your standard years." Kit says standing up again. "i want to find their computer core and get what ever i can off of it then we leave and santar takes this back."
I went to taste the air, tasting to see if I was almost back yet. I tasted another person, turning around I saw nothing. "I must just be tired..."

Continuing off down the hallway, alone... Looking at the dress she so wanted to wear.


Alexandria then gave a stern nod. "Okay then, I'm ready for the tests that I'm forced to take."
I nod, looking it over. "Personally, I'd blow this thing sky high so as not to abuse the power, but I'm not in command here."
I nod to Ulna;
"I've got some news that I thought the council would want to hear. After the meeting, I commed an old friend of mine. Long story short, She's agreed to pitch in her 'fleet' free of charge. They'll be arriving within the next couple of days."
Meridia's Phantom approaches the station with the weapons disabled.
"so would i but i promised i would return the ship as intact as i could. justice for the dead of many races will be done when this is returned. hopefully it will suffer the same fate as Erini."
Kit says as she grabs her sword and walks to a door that sealed when the ship deactivated. if the ship has no power how did it keep jumping dimensions like that? Kit asks herself before blowing the door inward with a low level psionic pulse.
The man laughed, "You make it seem so harsh." He said, "These are just harmless little tests to see how harmless you really are."

Clamping down the last restraint, he began extracting blood.


I nod to Ulna;
"I've got some news that I thought the council would want to hear. After the meeting, I commed an old friend of mine. Long story short, She's agreed to pitch in her 'fleet' free of charge. They'll be arriving within the next couple of days."

Ulna nodded back,

"Thank you. But are you sure they can be trusted? I've never heard of mercs. Working free of charge."


"Well, its Six." Nilus said looking at his watch.

"So it is..." Yuuk said, deep in thought.

"Its our time off. I'm headed off to my room to get some beauty sleep." Nilus said with a yawn.

"Right behind you." Rohan said, rubbing his beautiful green eyes.

"Poor, Ulna, she has to stay at work for another two hours." Yuuk said, breaking off from her own little world inside her mind.

Nilus chuckled, "I dont think she minds as much as we do. She views work as a service to the galaxy."

"I view it as enjoyable work. It's better then being a miner like my father wanted me to be." Rohan said, walking to his apartment on the Citadel.

"Good night, Rohan." Nilus waved

"Night." Rohan said with a small smile and a wave. He put his hands in his pockets and proceded through the crowds to his appartmant.


Laura finds his Appartment door Locked.


The key is under the doormat xD

IC: Laura searches above the door, then under the mat for a key, finding it in the latter of the two places. Unlocking the door, she ducks and puts everything as it should be, and goes to wait for Rohan.


I shake my head. "Justice for them would be the destruction of this thing, but whatever." I walk through the door, wondering what had happened. A ship like this would have stayed powered for forever with the kind of core it used. What happened....
I nod;
"For the most part, yes. These people are generally decent individuals. So when I mentioned fighting against the 'pirates', she immediately volunteered. Said something about doing the galaxy a favor."
I shrug;
"I was a little surprised myself, but we'll see when they get here."
"The air is stagnant but fresh, the ship lost power but continued to shift dimensions. there is something VERY wrong here. We very well may end up destroying this thing if it proves to not be worth leaving intact." Kit says walking down the hall and noting the lack of circulating air.
Rohan passed by the desk clerk.

"Morning, Reta." He said, with a genuine smile.

"Good morning." She replied. After she was no longer in sight Rohan exhaled deeply and his eyes widened. It had been a long day at work and he was ready to turn it in early. Rohan walked up to his door and pulled out his key-chain. After searching through the keys he puts the correct key in the key-hole and twists the key. He then attempted to open the door but was rewarded with a clunk. What? He tried to pull open the door several more times.

He then twisted the key the other way and the door swung free. I must have forgotten to lock it. He tells himself, walking into his apartment.

Rohan closed the door behind him and locked it. He then turned around and looked at his nice apartment.


"I guess we will." Ulna says, deep in thought...
"Alright then, Stefan out."
I say, reaching to shut off the comm.

In case you wanted to add something.

I was just thinking... This could go really bad for Laura...
When Meridia came within range she attempted to connect to the platform from the Phantom.
Ulna pushed the center button and Stefan's image faded. She sighed deeply and rubbed the bridge of her nose.


Yeah, this could go really bad for Laura. You might want to rethink this.
Alexandria tilted her head against the table... She might as well get comfortable while the tests were going on.
With a glad sigh, Darreus collapses into the bedroom he was assigned. The memories of many, many sleepless nights flashed through his mind, fruitlessly kept awake by the thoughts and actions of several hundred thousand people. At once! Too tired to even bothering to remove his suit, he simply fell asleep right then and there. It might be awkward to explain as to why he was sleeping smack in the middle of a room, but the floor was comfortable, and he was really, really tired.

I really need to take a damn vacation...

Within moments, he was fast asleep.


Flitting off down the hallway with Aurora, Jessica was curiously bugging Daniel as for what to do. Darreus would, without a doubt, give her one hell of a screaming at if she simply revealed herself to everyone, so why not act as some ghost? After all, in the darkness of the unobserved, just about anything can exist. The armor certainly helped the image...

With a gentle whirr, the cloaking device deactivates. With a mischievous grin, she gives the young girl a gentle poke in the back with a pointed, armored finger.

First, a blood test to see how if she was psionic. The doctor silently waited for the results
Leaning back in the pilot's chair, I press one of my suit's many buttons, quickly falling into a dreamless sleep.

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