Separatist Space, III

Joeyray's Bar
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"It is about twice the size of, what do the humans call those again, ah yes, Vikings. There are only five of us. And we hold no illegal weaponry." Meridia answers, her clawed fingers tapping against the arm of her seat.
With a sigh, Jessica keeps up with Aurora, curiously eying the small dress.

"I thought politicians were supposed to be a little less direct with their answers. What's the matter?"

OOC: *falls over*

Curse the damn time zones!
I was trying to hold back tears, I wanted to ignore this human, but I couldn't.
"We were... But I never wanted to be one... I let myself be on for it would have been a dishonor if I had just quit or said no... Memories..."
I take another sip of my drink, wondering when the next meeting will be, and when we will get answers.

When should you reveal it? No? Not yet? Well of course not yet, but you should have to do it soon, no? The threat is too great for that no?

Rohan stood gaping at Laura. He met with her eyes, then examined her whole body, "A- Are you trying to seduce me?" He asked, trying to make sure he wasn't dreaming.


The simulator just simulates battle and tests to see how the user reacts.


That's fine


"What is your business at the Citadel?" She asked, her monotone changed, so it was obvious she was just curious.
Alexandria showed the appearance of combat training, but it looked like as if she couldn't remember it.
Laura smiles, her pose making it that much more impossible to say no. "Of course not silly. I just can't find a drink anywhere because I'm out of money." She leaned in close and ran a hand through his hair. "My are you a cute one." The hand sorta wonders, making Rohan feel odd in a good way.

The doctor nods slowly as he turns off the machine. "Well thats all for now. These guards will escort you to your house and that will be that! Have a nice day" He says, smiling.


Rohan slams the door in her face /Troll LOLOLOLOL Im sorry, I just couldn't resist :P


Rohan roughly grabbed her hand on its way down his body, "Do you know how much this could hurt our careers?" He whispered. He didn't know why he was whispering. Probably because he knew there was no way to resist this temptation.
"My business is my own. Though I can assure you it is not to inflict harm." Meridia answers. She looks back and sees the Gladiators who came along sharpening their weapons. Magnus idea. Acuite tela ista tua, quando sum assecurando nulla intenta iniuriae.
Alexandria was weakly smiling, being taken away by the guards. "I'll try... That is if you don't play to rough."
She leans in close, his eyes following the way she moved. "What's wrong with a simple drink or two?" Her hand finished it's journey and rubbed, setting off a feeling Rohan didn't know was possible. "So how about it?"

OOC: I assume Rohan can't hold his liquor?
As the last of the bottle disappeared, Aga fell into a drunken stupor. He went out the door, puking on the doormat, and began staggering outside. He went to that old bar once more, and left only seconds later. What happened next isn't known, but in the morning, Aga, two male and one female prostitutes, and seven bottles of empty liquor were found in that little hedgerow. Aga woke up, staggered back to his apartment, and fell asleep.
The Military woman continues to wander the station, watching the number of people come and go. The glances had increased a fraction since she had moved into a new area, and she was subconsciously aware that someone was stalking her through the halls. She smiles to herself, and walks up to one of the guards at the station, and speaks to him, her voice sweet, innocent, and seductive.
"Hello there. I was wondering......I have some family member working at various parts of the station, and I wanted to stop by to talk to them. I need some directions to....." She takes a list out, and looks at it, and continues "....the Spa, the Hanger Maintenance, and the Suites." She glances up, and subtlety manipulates his mind to give the answers she was really after: The Generator Room, the room where the controls are for the Security systems in all of the station, and the Life-Support systems.

Can't tell if that is a sexual reference....

Dac... Lol....


These next few seconds for Rohan proved incredibly difficult. "Are you sure you want to do this? It could mean the end of both of our careers!" Rohan was running out of will power.
It was a very sexual reference.

IC: "It's only a drink. If something happens neither of us remembers, then we can keep quiet about it." Her hand wandered again, up her own body and down it. "Please?" The things she was doing broke Rohan down, it was in his eyes.
"So may we enter your station?" Meridia asks after glaring at the Gladiators sharpening their weapons.
and probably his crotch
The room was large. Incredibly large. It had no form of lighting attached to it, but it still glowed faintly. A silver construct, consisting of a silver sphere marred by many sensors sticking out of it with several long tendrils extending from the back of it, snaked its way across the floor of the building, approaching a docking station and retrieving a small green tube, about a foot in length. A similiar tube emerged from the center of the construct. The construct turned, slowly winding its way towards the opposite side of the room, where a mechanical figure stood, nine feet tall. A tendril snaked up from the construct, opening a hatch on the side of the figure and inserting the tube, sealing it shut. The figure slowly came to life, powering on and taking a cautious step forward. It turned and made its way towards the exit of the room, shuffling towards an unknown destination. The construct returned and grasped another tube, clutching it tightly. If one listened closely you would hear the sounds of a human, pleading to be killed. The construct didn't care- it had several thousand more tubes to go, and several thousand more legionnaires to make.
Wow, well done people. I believe that we've successfully changed the rating of this RP from PG to PG-13. I'm just glad that Stefan's not contributing... Alicia on the other hand... could make things interesting....
blame zarkun

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