looking to buy ms office product key

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i came across that website which offers to sell it really cheap. My question is whether that website is a scam or legit? can anyone help me thanks.

buying 1 for my mac which i use for school work
I would recommend getting LibreOffice instead. Totally free (no strings attached), works for Mac.
^ i'm currently using OpenOffice right now. Is LibreOffice better then OpenOffice? any idea?
the reason im trying to switch to genuine ms office is because some documents i download from college website do not work on OpenOffice. Sometimes they open but some formulas do not show up properly or are written differently with different symbols.

Think all of those will work on LibreOffice?
LibreOffice is basically continuation of OpenOffice (it branched out); it may or may not work
ok thanks i'll try it anyway. i really wanted a genuine ms office but i dont trust that website...too good to be true...

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