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I'm trying to run an older PC game called Freespace 2 (awesome space/flight combat game made by Volition Inc.), but am running into an odd problem. I was able to install the game with no issues, but when I go to run the game a message prompt tells me that I do not have enough RAM. The game only requires 32mb of memory, and I have 6gb of DDR3. I am a computer dummy. What is the solution, if any? I have an older tower buried in the closet somewhere that would be perfect for it, but I have nowhere to set it up and would rather not have to dig it out just to play this one game. Any help is appreciated.
Try running it in a compatibility mode. Right click the executable file, properties, and select compatibility tab. Try Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

It may also need administrator permission.
Ran it in compatibility mode and it worked! Thanks Hibachi!
Okay, new problem: the game does not fit my monitor (which happens to be a 40" flat panel). This wasn't an issue at first, but in my current mission sets I am piloting bombers, and I need to be able to target sub-systems and turrets on enemy capital ships. This information is in the lower left hand portion of the HUD, so I can't see it right now since it is cut-off. How do I get the game to fit properly? I've tried the options both in-game and at the set-up menu but have not had any luck. Any assistance is appreciated.
Can you force game to run in windowed mode?

If not, it's time to futz with HDMI scaling option in your graphics card's respective control panel (CCC / nVidia control panel). Generally, letting GPU deal with it will work.
Eh, what is "windowed mode"? Also, I replaced the stock graphics card the same day I bought my computer with something fancier. I forget what it was. I appreciate the help, Hibachi. Worst comes to worst, I'll make my buddy take a look at it. He'll be unemployed soon, and he knows a lot more than I do.
I am running Freespace 2 on AMD 5770 with a CRT (so no native resolution problem and no scaling as much). The native Freespace 2 has no settings in game for resolution but a Launcher from the Open source one will solve that. You can also use the set up tool if it is provided.

As for the graphics driver part, the included software, (catalyst for me) have some settings on resolution. So is the compatibility panel in the application itself.

I guess you have a Widescreen?

Windowed mode is a command line added to the short cut if the game support it (which I didn't test)

So in the short cut after the path e.g.:

"F:\Bin\Freespace2\Freespace2.exe -window"

But I have yet to find official document supporting such use.
I've never tried running the native Freespace 2 executable on an OS newer than XP but the FreeSpace Open has worked very well on Vista for me. In the URL below, there is an installer that will download and install the FreeSpace Open files and (optionally) fan-created campaigns:

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