New Action RTS / MOBA game, Smite beta key

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I just got one for free, and I'm pretty sure I can invite others so STAY TUNED!

Watch me play live Right Now:
More info about this game:
need viewers!
Goin live now! Let me know if you want a Smite Beta Key!
Hey Jim, you have a great Lag free stream. You clearly have the skills for MOBA.

Smite looks amazing. The graphics are awesome and the fps style perspective has me very intrigued.

Arena combat is the shiznit and I almost can't wait to get my hands dirty playing.

Thanks for answering all my questions and showing me so many of the gods to choose from. And keeping the stream feeling alive with commentary.
Man I can't tell you how much I appreciate this feed back. I also prefer streams with good commentary and they are sometimes hard to find even on the multi-thousand viewer streams. I will definitely try to keep that as a main "selling point" on my stream.
Stream is going up Live now! Come check me out and say hello! ^_^
New patch release this morning! Come see the 5 new Gods and new map-mode! You'll also be a shoe-in for my first mod, since I am just starting out on Twitch. Thanks!
Live video goin up again,
And... we're back live!

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