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I can't play quick matches because starcraft 2 is treating me like a starter edition, which is BS, because I've owned this game since it came out, why else would I have 1459 career games? The find matches button is locked when I am on the quick match screen. IT says I don't have access to this content. I've tried restarting starcraft, ran as administrator, nothing is working. I'd really like to get back into this game, but unfortunately I have to deal with this problem.

Help would be greatly appreciated ASAP Blizzard.
I been having the same problem.
Yeah i'm having the same issue, i am unable to choice a race or match type...i put in a ticket and they aren't being very helpful, they respond quick but i think they don't have a clue on how to solve the issue.
Similar problem but I can't even select a mode or a button because there not there anymore, all the other game stuff is there and I can log in and play on my SEA account but I can't play teams on SEA its funked. Seems to be happening a lot lately.
Similar probalem at this time. States I'm starter edition even when I logged in on
Same problem, no buttons or anything can be pressed in the quick match menu, feel kinda robbed. Maybe everybody is concentrating their efforts on HoTs but sometimes one just want to play WoL.....
I have the same problem as combatsapper can't select mode or race. Other features like campaign and challenge work fine.
Must be nice being able to submit a ticket combatsapper, that option has been greyed out for me for some time, many others seem to have this issue also

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