Can't stream, on a cheap, bad $450 laptop

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How much would it cost to buy a cpu, not a laptop, that i can run sc2 on high settings, and stream at the same time without lag. Currently on my laptop, if i try to stream on 2d models, all low settings, I can't make spines or infested terran eggs. my game freezes. Anyone know how much it costs if I just want to play sc2 on high settings while streaming? no other games installed. just this.
I'd say about $750 or so since good CPU is needed with a good GPU
Thanks Hibachi, you are the only one who seems to care <3
I'd probably recommend an AMD FX-6300 based build with Radeon HD 7850. Many people rag on AMD CPUs, but with Piledriver (improved Zambezi) + that it has 3 full cores (6 integer cores), it will be more powerful than equivalent Intel CPUs in streaming capacity -- assuming, whatever streaming program you use is multi-threaded (good ones are, at least).

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