What do you prefer mid - late pvt Pvz

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Colli or high
Both. Midgame you get one or the other, but by the lategame of both matchups you will generally want to have both.
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Collosi will fade out i'm sure. Immortals are so great early game, especially if the ling count is low. With Zergs expanding and trying to use only lings to defend 4 bases to rush infestor/BL, collosi are almost useless late-game.

I tend to go for HTs before collosi, if i even go for them at all.
Both of them are always better than one. Colossi are easier to control and come with robo tech, BUT HT can feedback Infestors and counter Mutas, and also merge into Archons which seem to be pretty good against Zerg in general if they have backup or are used as backup.
I prefer normally colossus first because it can allow for earlier stronger pressure but it can vary based what you scout or what your gameplan is.

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